24 April 2010

Give Me a Childlike Heart

There is a song I've heard at least a couple times although I can't remember much of the lyrics at all; I don't even know the author or singer who performs it (hence I can't give proper recognition for it here-sorry!). But one phrase stands out in the song, that I do remember, and it is "Give me a childlike heart" ....

-When I think of a childlike heart these qualities come to mind


humble (unassuming),



-Lord, give me a childlike heart all the time.

Blessings, Aimee

“And Jesus called a little child unto Him, and set him in the midst of them…
whosoever, therefore shall humble himself as this little child,
the same in greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 18: 2, 4 KJV

Photo: me (with my dad's arm around me).
Update (April 30, 2010) I was, finally, able to find the artist who performs 'A Child-Like Heart' (CDs-A Mother's Touch & Heart of Worship) and surprise, surprise--she is from the PNW also. Her name is: Bonnie Knopf. Persistance is a virtue when it comes to searching:)

Tempting Fate & Fearless: My Farmer Boy

My hubby, darling man that he is,
loves to tempt fate.
And he has always been like that--

skipping like a mountain goat on the rocks of a jetty;

while I slowly and laboriously followed,

hanging (clinging) onto those same rocks for dear life lest I fall into the ocean.

And underground, up heights, in water and on land--
no issue for my brave, fearless man
(no surprise that his youngest son is much the same).

I mean this man I married now wants to go on a hot air balloon!

I don't even want to think about that possibility.
He is definitely ALL boy that's for sure with his fearless, tempting fate personality.
And up till now I've accepted this about him,
even thinking it made him quite endearing-
you know, the whole, opposites attract opposites thing
But now he has taken this tempting fate--all boy thing--to a whole new level
and I feel it must stop
First there was the balancing of his empty plate on the back of our sofa,
right over the new laminate floor...

and now THIS

21 April 2010

The Word on Wednesday

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life; and the Life was the light of men."
John 1: 1-4 KJV
Have a blessed Wednesday!
Photos: Lady's Mantle after a shower

20 April 2010

A Walk in His Garden: Flowers, Foliage & Food-to-be

Sometimes if I am stressed out
a walk through our gardens puts me into a better frame of mind.
As I breathe in the fresh air,
surrounded by the sounds of softly falling rain
or the songs of birds,
and as I see, smell and touch the things that God created,
I am reminded, again, of the amazing gifts God has given to all mankind.
And I feel blessed.
Wishing you blessings this Tuesday!
Evergreen huckleberry
(a PNW native highly prized for its berries;
this is one of 5 huckleberry plants we have in our garden)
a groundcover we planted last year by the upper pond
(in addition to white and red, I love pink--can you tell?
My oldest son is VERY excited about all the berries we will have this year.
He even took pictures when he visited us this last weekend)
A brunnera
(planted last year; I love the leaves &
forget-me-not type flowers of this shade loving plant)
Lilac flowers
(fragrance, beautiful flowers--
I love our white and our light purple lilacs)

Another Addition to my Fav Blogs

A dream of mine for a long, long time was to go to Norway (and the other Scandinavian countries) some day. I love so many things that are Nordic--the food, rosemaling and other crafts, their folk dancing, bunads, stabburs, some literature and music, and the beauty of the countryside and fjords there (I once met a man who said parts of the PNW were much like parts of Norway)

Well, dreams come, and sadly they also go--at times--because of changes in one's life. I probably will never make it to Norway and the other Scandinavian nations now--but it is fun to be able and cyber visit the places of my dreams and dream of running down a Norwegian hillside with flowers in my hair.

Here is a blog I ran into recently and have been a regular visitor to since. The author's photos and postings are beautiful (Norway and other countries, gardens, etc). Hope you enjoy it!

Blessings from the PNW,
Photo: flowers from a Scandinavian festival I went to 7 years ago.

18 April 2010

First Veggie Planting of 2010

Russian Red kale and...
a Glacier tomato plant
I bought the kale because I thought it was beautiful and wanted to try growing some this year.
Originally, I wanted to get a Sungold tomato --
and still intend to,
but the idea of a cold tolerant tomato,
intrigued me --
And who would have thought of planting tomatoes in April without a cold frame :)


Blessings to you & yours this Sunday!

PS: Did you know that Farm Supply stores are dangerous places--
because they have lots of beautiful flowers, berry, herbs and veggie plants
and adorable little, baby chicks there...

Talk about temptations!!!

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