24 April 2010

Tempting Fate & Fearless: My Farmer Boy

My hubby, darling man that he is,
loves to tempt fate.
And he has always been like that--

skipping like a mountain goat on the rocks of a jetty;

while I slowly and laboriously followed,

hanging (clinging) onto those same rocks for dear life lest I fall into the ocean.

And underground, up heights, in water and on land--
no issue for my brave, fearless man
(no surprise that his youngest son is much the same).

I mean this man I married now wants to go on a hot air balloon!

I don't even want to think about that possibility.
He is definitely ALL boy that's for sure with his fearless, tempting fate personality.
And up till now I've accepted this about him,
even thinking it made him quite endearing-
you know, the whole, opposites attract opposites thing
But now he has taken this tempting fate--all boy thing--to a whole new level
and I feel it must stop
First there was the balancing of his empty plate on the back of our sofa,
right over the new laminate floor...

and now THIS

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