20 April 2010

Another Addition to my Fav Blogs

A dream of mine for a long, long time was to go to Norway (and the other Scandinavian countries) some day. I love so many things that are Nordic--the food, rosemaling and other crafts, their folk dancing, bunads, stabburs, some literature and music, and the beauty of the countryside and fjords there (I once met a man who said parts of the PNW were much like parts of Norway)

Well, dreams come, and sadly they also go--at times--because of changes in one's life. I probably will never make it to Norway and the other Scandinavian nations now--but it is fun to be able and cyber visit the places of my dreams and dream of running down a Norwegian hillside with flowers in my hair.

Here is a blog I ran into recently and have been a regular visitor to since. The author's photos and postings are beautiful (Norway and other countries, gardens, etc). Hope you enjoy it!

Blessings from the PNW,
Photo: flowers from a Scandinavian festival I went to 7 years ago.

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