18 April 2010

First Veggie Planting of 2010

Russian Red kale and...
a Glacier tomato plant
I bought the kale because I thought it was beautiful and wanted to try growing some this year.
Originally, I wanted to get a Sungold tomato --
and still intend to,
but the idea of a cold tolerant tomato,
intrigued me --
And who would have thought of planting tomatoes in April without a cold frame :)


Blessings to you & yours this Sunday!

PS: Did you know that Farm Supply stores are dangerous places--
because they have lots of beautiful flowers, berry, herbs and veggie plants
and adorable little, baby chicks there...

Talk about temptations!!!



Jennifer said...

Well there miss Aimee... there is a splendid use for kale that I happen to know. A nice cream based soup with potato and sausage. I bet 'farm boy' would enjoy it.

aimee said...

Yea!!! First recipe for my kale!! I will most definitely WANT that please, please, please...and if it involves sausage and potatoes, I am thinking that Farmer Boy will like it too!
Blessings always,
PS:Do you still have the recipe for the baked asparagus you make?

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