20 April 2010

A Walk in His Garden: Flowers, Foliage & Food-to-be

Sometimes if I am stressed out
a walk through our gardens puts me into a better frame of mind.
As I breathe in the fresh air,
surrounded by the sounds of softly falling rain
or the songs of birds,
and as I see, smell and touch the things that God created,
I am reminded, again, of the amazing gifts God has given to all mankind.
And I feel blessed.
Wishing you blessings this Tuesday!
Evergreen huckleberry
(a PNW native highly prized for its berries;
this is one of 5 huckleberry plants we have in our garden)
a groundcover we planted last year by the upper pond
(in addition to white and red, I love pink--can you tell?
My oldest son is VERY excited about all the berries we will have this year.
He even took pictures when he visited us this last weekend)
A brunnera
(planted last year; I love the leaves &
forget-me-not type flowers of this shade loving plant)
Lilac flowers
(fragrance, beautiful flowers--
I love our white and our light purple lilacs)

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