27 February 2010

Some Favorite Blogs & Websites

Note--decided to repost this with some additions.
These are a few of my favorite blogs and websites. I don't always agree with every post, but much to all of what they say blesses, inspires and teaches me. I hope they'll bless you too:)
Some blogs first---
http://dorcassmucker.blogspot.com/ (From the PNW-a Mennonite author-delightful blog)
http://littlecabininthewoods.typepad.com/my_weblog/ (From the Blue Ridge Mts-beautiful photos and inspirational writings)
http://oldcentennialfarmhouse.blogspot.com/ (From MI--vintage goodies, great photos, old farmhouse life and much more!)
http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking (From OK--a well known site with photos, lots of recipes, homeschooling and more; blog author has published a recipe book and was recently seen on TV)
http://www.annesfood.blogspot.com/ (From Sweden--cooking, cats and a pretty cute baby boy--in English)
http://limeblog.net/ (From Norway--Christian pastor, mom and scrapbooker; love the Norwegian and family photos- in English) Can you tell I love blogs from the Nordic countries?
http://morningramble.blogspot.com/ (From Texas--beautiful photos, simple living, Christian living and more)
http://momzoo.blogspot.com (From UT--LDS mom of 5 adorable kids. Momzoo constantly amazes me with her household skills especially in food preservation! Oh and she occasionally includes some beautiful photos of the mts there!)
http://autumnliving.blogspot.com (From Eastern TN--just found this blog recently, thanks to momzoo, and am really enjoying the photos of TN and homesteading info!)

http://hebrew4christians.com (Since I recently resumed my study of the Hebrew language --I will write about the why later--this is a site I really like along with some books I purchased quite awhile ago.)
http://translate.google.com/# (Love this! Large number of languages available)

Well my hubby man just woke up --2:37 AM and wants pizza so more later:)
Blessings, Aimee

26 February 2010


How often little decisions we make every day affect our peace & well being.
We choose to use our limited energy, resources and time on things that don't satisfy the deepest longings of our soul; on things that are self-serving and may even contribute to negative emotions and habits. Things that are not evil on the surface but also are not the best choices for us to make at that time. Things that are not good stewardship of the gifts and blessings we have been given.
I'm thinking, would we choose to do these things, that are comparatively worthless in terms of eternity (or even a peaceful and satisfying life now), if we knew our time here was short? If we knew that we only had a few years-months-days to live?
Or if we knew a friend, a neighbor or a family member did?
Would we choose to use our moments differently if we were privy to that kind of knowledge?
Or would we instead spend the time left to us in prayer and reflection; taking care of family, reaching out to help the hurting, doing necessary chores, visiting with beloved friends. leaving a legacy of love?
I know that, when offered all the distractions this modern world offers, I often choose poorly-- thinking that 'tomorrow is another day'--that there will always be more time.
And these foolish choices on how I use my time add up to a lot of wasted time with little to show for it.
It's a true statement that time is a gift not given in unlimited quantities
it seems like the older I get, the more I am aware of that fact.
Today, although I got up way too late (insert frowning face here!), I chose to turn off the things of the world -- the political bantering, the endless news shows, the empty entertainment -- and listen instead to music and messages that touched my soul. Music (prayer songs) that spoke to me of God's love and of His unending forgiveness to His children. And music that called me to a better way--a way of love, humility, grace and peace.
Tonight those thoughts are still with me--despite the fact that my hubby has the TV on, the beautiful words I heard this afternoon keep replaying in my mind and spirit tonight; and they are still refreshing my innermost being and bringing me peace--something the thing I chose to turn off could never do.
May you find blessings & peace in your day,

Photos & notes: spring continues with more blossoms. Daily I see changes, increased signs of the garden having left winter well behind.

Bleeding heart (the first of two to have blossoms; I LOVE this plant!), plum blossoms (ditto on the LOVE statement!), raindrop 'diamonds' on columbine leaves, heather (I think or is it heath?? Not in my garden but seen in another garden this week), forsythia on forsythia (color my world sunny yellow!)

23 February 2010

Of Spring Blossoms

In the garden it seems more like March or April then February--both our wild and one of the cultivated plum trees are now in bloom; their small but incredibly beautiful white blossoms remind me so much of an oriental flower arrangement. It is tempting to cut more branches to place in our home, but I am trying to be careful, knowing that the blossoms must stay where they are for us to have a harvest of fruit later this summer.
Maybe just a few more flowering branches though.

By the ponds, the magnolia is showing off its beautiful pink buds now as one by one they all emerge from the safety of their fuzzy winter shelters. Soon they'll open completely and white saucer like blossoms will cover the tree. And I will sit on the bamboo bench nearby and gaze upwards at their beauty, and the beauty of the blue waters of the pond with the countryside beyond. And I will be in awe and wonder at this beautiful world God has created.
A world filled with pink, purple, white, red and other colors
splashes of pastel and jewel tone colors set perfectly against the gray, green and other earth tones that form the foundation and background of the garden.
Wow! It is such a blessing to live in this beautiful place of tree and snow covered mountains, verdant valleys, rugged coastlines and high deserts!
Blessings from the PNW,
Photos: wild plum blossoms (with some forsythia), magnolia, tete a tete daffodil

22 February 2010

Pancakes Anyone?

With all the recent commercials lately about National Pancake Day, I am really getting in the mood for pancakes!! Despite my NW heritage though, I am not craving flapjacks or the usual breakfast fare...nope.

What I am craving are plattar (Swedish pancakes) with lingonberries...so yummy! These are the thin, small pancakes that I never tire of!

Or maybe some aebleskivers (round pancake like treat originally from Denmark) with raspberry preserves--delicious! It is NO wonder that NWer's are willing to wait in long lines at Scandinavian festivals for these:)

Or possibly all of the above AND a (German or) Dutch Baby pancake with powdered sugar and a bit of lemon juice drizzled on top....It is no wonder I like them--my mom often made Yorkshire pudding with her roasts; very similar to the pancake except the Yorkshire pudding is savory and the pancake sweet. Talking about mom's Yorkshire pudding makes me hungry for those too!

Oh will tomorrow morning ever come???
More importantly is my cast iron aebleskiver pan well enough seasoned?

What do you like to eat for breakfast?
What is your favorite type of pancake?

Note: I have made both of the Nordic pancakes above from mixes, but also from scratch. They are both easy to do if your pan is well seasoned--the plattar can be made without a special pan or with one; the aebleskiver requires one. Recipes for all three of these pancakes widely available on the web:)

I have no association with IHOP, who is running the current ads about National Pancake Day, but understand that they are raising money for charity. If you are interested please see their website. The actual date for National Pancake Day was last Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.

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