22 February 2010

Pancakes Anyone?

With all the recent commercials lately about National Pancake Day, I am really getting in the mood for pancakes!! Despite my NW heritage though, I am not craving flapjacks or the usual breakfast fare...nope.

What I am craving are plattar (Swedish pancakes) with lingonberries...so yummy! These are the thin, small pancakes that I never tire of!

Or maybe some aebleskivers (round pancake like treat originally from Denmark) with raspberry preserves--delicious! It is NO wonder that NWer's are willing to wait in long lines at Scandinavian festivals for these:)

Or possibly all of the above AND a (German or) Dutch Baby pancake with powdered sugar and a bit of lemon juice drizzled on top....It is no wonder I like them--my mom often made Yorkshire pudding with her roasts; very similar to the pancake except the Yorkshire pudding is savory and the pancake sweet. Talking about mom's Yorkshire pudding makes me hungry for those too!

Oh will tomorrow morning ever come???
More importantly is my cast iron aebleskiver pan well enough seasoned?

What do you like to eat for breakfast?
What is your favorite type of pancake?

Note: I have made both of the Nordic pancakes above from mixes, but also from scratch. They are both easy to do if your pan is well seasoned--the plattar can be made without a special pan or with one; the aebleskiver requires one. Recipes for all three of these pancakes widely available on the web:)

I have no association with IHOP, who is running the current ads about National Pancake Day, but understand that they are raising money for charity. If you are interested please see their website. The actual date for National Pancake Day was last Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.

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