23 February 2010

Of Spring Blossoms

In the garden it seems more like March or April then February--both our wild and one of the cultivated plum trees are now in bloom; their small but incredibly beautiful white blossoms remind me so much of an oriental flower arrangement. It is tempting to cut more branches to place in our home, but I am trying to be careful, knowing that the blossoms must stay where they are for us to have a harvest of fruit later this summer.
Maybe just a few more flowering branches though.

By the ponds, the magnolia is showing off its beautiful pink buds now as one by one they all emerge from the safety of their fuzzy winter shelters. Soon they'll open completely and white saucer like blossoms will cover the tree. And I will sit on the bamboo bench nearby and gaze upwards at their beauty, and the beauty of the blue waters of the pond with the countryside beyond. And I will be in awe and wonder at this beautiful world God has created.
A world filled with pink, purple, white, red and other colors
splashes of pastel and jewel tone colors set perfectly against the gray, green and other earth tones that form the foundation and background of the garden.
Wow! It is such a blessing to live in this beautiful place of tree and snow covered mountains, verdant valleys, rugged coastlines and high deserts!
Blessings from the PNW,
Photos: wild plum blossoms (with some forsythia), magnolia, tete a tete daffodil

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