27 February 2010

Some Favorite Blogs & Websites

Note--decided to repost this with some additions.
These are a few of my favorite blogs and websites. I don't always agree with every post, but much to all of what they say blesses, inspires and teaches me. I hope they'll bless you too:)
Some blogs first---
http://dorcassmucker.blogspot.com/ (From the PNW-a Mennonite author-delightful blog)
http://littlecabininthewoods.typepad.com/my_weblog/ (From the Blue Ridge Mts-beautiful photos and inspirational writings)
http://oldcentennialfarmhouse.blogspot.com/ (From MI--vintage goodies, great photos, old farmhouse life and much more!)
http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking (From OK--a well known site with photos, lots of recipes, homeschooling and more; blog author has published a recipe book and was recently seen on TV)
http://www.annesfood.blogspot.com/ (From Sweden--cooking, cats and a pretty cute baby boy--in English)
http://limeblog.net/ (From Norway--Christian pastor, mom and scrapbooker; love the Norwegian and family photos- in English) Can you tell I love blogs from the Nordic countries?
http://morningramble.blogspot.com/ (From Texas--beautiful photos, simple living, Christian living and more)
http://momzoo.blogspot.com (From UT--LDS mom of 5 adorable kids. Momzoo constantly amazes me with her household skills especially in food preservation! Oh and she occasionally includes some beautiful photos of the mts there!)
http://autumnliving.blogspot.com (From Eastern TN--just found this blog recently, thanks to momzoo, and am really enjoying the photos of TN and homesteading info!)

http://hebrew4christians.com (Since I recently resumed my study of the Hebrew language --I will write about the why later--this is a site I really like along with some books I purchased quite awhile ago.)
http://translate.google.com/# (Love this! Large number of languages available)

Well my hubby man just woke up --2:37 AM and wants pizza so more later:)
Blessings, Aimee


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...



Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Thanks for the referrals and I'm seeing blogs here that I've never visited before...I do really like the Cabin in the Woods blog too....just gorgeous!

aimee said...

You are welcome and TY both for having such great websites!

Autumn Living said...

I am honored Aimee...I just skipped over for a visit and have really been enjoying your lovely blog. Imagine my surprise when I saw my blog on your list of favorite blogs! You are so kind.


aimee said...

TY so much Kimberlynn for your visit and kind remarks:) I LOVE all your great posts--I could almost smell your homemade bread today when I was there! Yum! And how I wish I had learned crocheting as a child too--my grandmother was very good at it!

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