17 June 2014

Sometimes Dreams Really Do Come True

It was a day like any other day...
or was it?
I had been fighting an infection all week and was on my second to last day of antibiotics.
I was scheduled to watch my dad for awhile that weekend,
and our house looked like a cyclone had hit it
 (OK, a very SLIGHT exaggeration--but it was really, really bad).
And that's when strange things began to happen...
our granddaughters' mom texted me to say I REALLY should keep the Small One
earlier than I had agreed to.
Then, a bit later, my son-in-law's phone number came up on my cell phone--
 but no one was there.
Hum, strange day...
A minute later the mystery was solved...
the call connected and I learned
this would not be a normal holiday weekend at all--
in fact
one of my dreams was going to come true...
my daughter was on her way!
Happy tears!
Of course we knew that would mean a trip to the beach
(because we both LOVE time by the waves)
which is how I ended up here,
looking at one of the most incredible sights ever--
a very ALIVE baby seal,
born just THAT morning,
on the beach that nothing unusual ever happens at.
And, yes, this was shot using a zoom lens--
because the law is clear on the protection of these beautiful creatures
(and besides who would want to cause them harm or undue stress? Not I!
Cousins would give piggyback rides to a certain smaller cousin
teach  her how to play soccer too
(my grandkids are SO athletic).
And we all,
except for a certain grandpa that took up residence on the quilt to rest,
 got to see sandcrabs, shrimp, cool unbroken shells and
 an agate...
all this on the beach that NOTHING is ever out of the ordinary.
Tidepools?? Here?
All this time?
Of course, my beautiful daughter had her dream come true too.
can you guess what her dream was?
It was a great day at the beach...
no, that's wrong...
it was a GREAT day at the beach WITH family!
But the word GREAT
(even written in capital letters)
can't fully describe how awesome the day really was!
And the traffic wasn't even that bad--
on a holiday weekend no less!

I wonder what my next dream come true will be?
Do you have a dream this summer?


Central Oregon coast
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