11 March 2011

The Wonder of Spring in the Midst of Winter

Ever since Aimee at momzoo (see my bloglist for a link there) wrote a post on how to force forsythia branches quite awhile back, I've wanted to do the same thing...

but every year nature beat me to it :(
not this year :)

I forced plum branches too!!
If you've never tried it,
just follow Aimee's great directions then
be prepared to enjoy days of lemony wonder inside your nice warm home!
Thank you Aimee for your great post!
Note: I will try to post a direct link later if I get some time but if you go to Aimee's blog - momzoo -- you should be able to find this particular post with little problem.

Of Winter Waterfowl

They take my breath away.

They make me feel like a child seeing something wonderful for the very first time.

I can't get enough of them this winter!

And they seem to be obliging me:)

For I am seeing them in all the usual places--ponds, wetlands, refuges...AND a hotel parking lot??? Love it:)

Lord, I LOVE the handiwork of Your hands!

Blessings, Aimee

Photos taken at various locations in NW Oregon including Tualatin River NWR, a man made pond and the Grande Ronde area. Just to let you know I have fallen totally in love with our national wildlife refuges in the PNW; if you have never been to one (they are all over the USA) you should go! The ones in the NW I have visited are:

1. Siletz Bay in the Lincoln City area (note: you can view this area from the road; entry is very limited),

2. Baskett Slough in the Dallas area (a beautiful area --especially near sunset)

3. Tualatin NWR south of Portland (very nice visitor center with a viewing scope--great on freezing cold windy winter days, also has a small interesting museum of the history of the area, view of foothills-mountains in distance)

4. William L FInley NWR, south of Corvallis (great driving route with many different types of environment and my other great love---several historical barns and homes. They also have a visitor area but I didn't go in as the day we were there was warm!)

BTW--I will have photos from #4 soon--right now I am learning how to use new software:)

Blessings, Aimee

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