11 March 2011

Of Winter Waterfowl

They take my breath away.

They make me feel like a child seeing something wonderful for the very first time.

I can't get enough of them this winter!

And they seem to be obliging me:)

For I am seeing them in all the usual places--ponds, wetlands, refuges...AND a hotel parking lot??? Love it:)

Lord, I LOVE the handiwork of Your hands!

Blessings, Aimee

Photos taken at various locations in NW Oregon including Tualatin River NWR, a man made pond and the Grande Ronde area. Just to let you know I have fallen totally in love with our national wildlife refuges in the PNW; if you have never been to one (they are all over the USA) you should go! The ones in the NW I have visited are:

1. Siletz Bay in the Lincoln City area (note: you can view this area from the road; entry is very limited),

2. Baskett Slough in the Dallas area (a beautiful area --especially near sunset)

3. Tualatin NWR south of Portland (very nice visitor center with a viewing scope--great on freezing cold windy winter days, also has a small interesting museum of the history of the area, view of foothills-mountains in distance)

4. William L FInley NWR, south of Corvallis (great driving route with many different types of environment and my other great love---several historical barns and homes. They also have a visitor area but I didn't go in as the day we were there was warm!)

BTW--I will have photos from #4 soon--right now I am learning how to use new software:)

Blessings, Aimee

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