11 March 2011

The Wonder of Spring in the Midst of Winter

Ever since Aimee at momzoo (see my bloglist for a link there) wrote a post on how to force forsythia branches quite awhile back, I've wanted to do the same thing...

but every year nature beat me to it :(
not this year :)

I forced plum branches too!!
If you've never tried it,
just follow Aimee's great directions then
be prepared to enjoy days of lemony wonder inside your nice warm home!
Thank you Aimee for your great post!
Note: I will try to post a direct link later if I get some time but if you go to Aimee's blog - momzoo -- you should be able to find this particular post with little problem.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

That yellow bloom sure is pretty :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

p.s. I don't know anything about plants, but I do like pretty blooms :)

aimee said...

I think so too!! I love the blooms of forsythia and fruit trees!
When do the pears down there bloom? I don't recall ever being in your area when they were blooming but I imagine it would be SO beautiful with a background of those gorgeous mountains of yours!
Many blessings your way!

Momzoo said...

funny you should post this, yesterday I was just looking at my forsythia bush, thinking that it was time for forcing. I love that bright yellow in my house after a long winter!

Thank you for all your kind comments the last few days on my blog, it means so much to me and lifts my spirits.

Aimee (momzoo)

aimee said...

TY SO much for teaching me how to force the forsythia--everytime I looked at them I saw spring no matter how gloomy the weather was outdoors :) It was so easy I want to do it every year now!
Thinking about you--I know how you feel and am happy I could lift your spirits:)
Blessings always, A

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