18 March 2011

Aimee's Ants

Aimee's place has ants.
Aimee's place has lots of ants.
Aimee HATES the ants that have taken over Aimee's place!!
Ants that:
crawl on her counters,
hide in her dishwasher,
have been known to inhabit her microwave,
ants that have community meetings at her sink.
Ants that crawl on her.
Ants that smell really, really bad
ants that bite.
Aimee REALLY hates ants that bite!
Ants that get under the cap on her mouthwash--
Aimee hates those too!
Ants that keep on coming
and coming
and coming.
But the worst thing,
the very worst thing
that Aimee hates...
that got into her refrigerator,
then somehow squeezed,
their small smelly bodies,
under the cap of Aimee's whipped cream
that went onto her freshly sliced, juicy, lightly sweetened
(with raw sugar)
bowl of strawberries that she was craving!
Ants have absolutely NO conscience!


Anonymous said...

I find that those liquid ant traps are the best...Works every time. Blessings to you and my little brother. Maybe one of these days we will get together. God bless, L.

aimee said...

I've been thinking of using them--the appearance of the ants seems to be related to the weather; today there were fewer when it was drier and a bit warmer outside:)
Getting together would be great! Let us know when you are in town!
Blessings your way,

Grandma Becky said...

I don't like ants either. Alot of people are getting them now and come into hardware store for help. The Terro products seem to work the best for most people!

aimee said...

That's the kind I used before and it seemed to really help. With the kind of spring we're having the ants seem worse and so I think it is time to buy some again. TY for letting me know:)

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