19 March 2011


Fields filled with sunny daffodils and tulips of many colors
and time to wander about
and gather a bouquet or two of them.
An orchard filled with the white and pink blossoms of fruit trees
and time to sit under their spreading branches
and just admire their beauty.
A field of wildflowers
and the time to lay down in it on a quilt
and watch them sway gently in the slight breeze
and reflect on the goodness of the Creator
and the beauty of the creation.
I have the time,
all I need is spring to start
(I heard a 'rumor' that will be tomorrow )
What do you want this spring?
-Blessings, Aimee
Tete a tete daffodils--from our garden
(I still want the field of daffodils and tulips to walk in though!)
Plum blossom--from our garden
(soon our mini orchard will be filled with blooms and I will take time to sit and reflect)
A field of wild mustard seen on one of our day trips


Momzoo said...

I want warm afternoons, flowers, green trees, and the ability to work in my gardens! :)

aimee said...

I second ALL of those:)
Blessings, Aimee

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