15 April 2011

The Joys of Winter in Spring

Outside it feels more like winter than spring--

rainy, gray, cold!

But--thanks to heat and some flowers gathered from outside,

inside it is spring!

How's your weather?



13 April 2011


To err is human---

and we all know I am very, very human!

I was setting up posts to publish automatically next week

(Holy Week)

when I won't be doing posts

and I forgot one little, tiny, almost unimportant thing--

yep I forgot to change the date of publication before I pressed publish!

So if you are looking for the Palm Sunday post with the wonderful picture


if you are thinking Aimee must not know when Palm Sunday is--

never fear,

I do

and that post will now publish at 12:01 AM this coming Sunday:)


(of the blushed face now)

12 April 2011

Scenes of Spring

Sometimes I leave the familiar

and travel to the not so familiar

and there I find beauty too

from halls of marble, wood and glass

to spring flowers under skies of blue

to steeples towering high above the trees.


When one's eyes are open to beauty,

one will find it no matter where they go.




Photos: scenes of Salem

11 April 2011

Birds of a Feather...

What do birds of a feather do?

I can tell you they flock together:)

Blessings, Aimee

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