23 December 2010

Merry Christmas Eve--almost!

I can scarcely believe it but tomorrow will be Christmas Eve;
it seems like just yesterday I had at least a week more to go!

Oh well, I work better when I am on a tight timetable!
So...since I'll have my hands full of baking, cooking, decorating and such all day tomorrow and then my mouth and tummy full of goodies come evening, I wanted to take a moment now to thank all of you whose blogs have been a gift to me this year!
Many times when I was in need of inspiration, a challenge to live better, a new craft or recipe or just in search of beauty (usually when it was pouring down rain here for the umpteenth day) I would 'travel' to your cyber-home, spend awhile and leave feeling blessed :)
-So please accept this BIG thank you from me
a wish for a blessed Christmas Eve!
And now-
I'm off to dig into my first piece of lefse this season
(there are some things that just cannot wait till Christmas to be opened)!

Photos: Some pics of season's past...

22 December 2010

The WORD on Wednesday: Advent Thoughts IV

Our soul waiteth for the LORD: He is our help and shield.
For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His Holy Name.
Let Thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in Thee.
Psalms 33:20-22 KJV
For years those who loved God and believed His promise
of the coming Messiah--the Savior--waited.
Decades and then centuries passed,
and still they waited.
The old passed on this message of hope, this message of salvation, to their children,
and their children's children
while they waited for God to keep His Word.
More time passed and during this time God was not silent--
He continued to share further details about the Messiah
with the Patriarchs, kings and prophets.
Thousands of years passed since the first promise was given in the Garden of Eden
and then there was silence,
complete silence,
but some continued to wait on God for they knew His promises were sure.
And they trusted Him.
And then God spoke again--by various means:
to Simeon, an old man,
who had been promised that he would see the Messiah before he died.
to Zechariah, a priest,
who would be the father of John the Baptist--the man who would prepare the way of the coming Messiah,
to Mary, a Jewish teenager,
who would bear the promised Messiah,
to Joseph, her fiancee,
to reassure him that Mary was carrying the Son of God,
and had not broken the law.
And to some Magi,
who would follow a star--
a special
manifestation placed in the heavens by God;
a star that would lead them to the Christ child.
In all, God was faithful to His beloved children in keeping His promises.
He still is.
Preparing home and heart for the celebration of Christmas,
and waiting on the Lord.
Advent Blessings,
Wyoming --near Cheyenne.
Messianic promises are found throughout the Bible, starting in Genesis 3.
Their fulfillment and God's messages to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and others are to be found in the New Testament--Matthew 1 & 2, Luke 1 and elsewhere.
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