23 December 2010

Merry Christmas Eve--almost!

I can scarcely believe it but tomorrow will be Christmas Eve;
it seems like just yesterday I had at least a week more to go!

Oh well, I work better when I am on a tight timetable!
So...since I'll have my hands full of baking, cooking, decorating and such all day tomorrow and then my mouth and tummy full of goodies come evening, I wanted to take a moment now to thank all of you whose blogs have been a gift to me this year!
Many times when I was in need of inspiration, a challenge to live better, a new craft or recipe or just in search of beauty (usually when it was pouring down rain here for the umpteenth day) I would 'travel' to your cyber-home, spend awhile and leave feeling blessed :)
-So please accept this BIG thank you from me
a wish for a blessed Christmas Eve!
And now-
I'm off to dig into my first piece of lefse this season
(there are some things that just cannot wait till Christmas to be opened)!

Photos: Some pics of season's past...


Anonymous said...

Merry CHRISTmas from both of us. God's blessings to you and my little brother. L&M

aimee said...

Thanks! Blessings your way!
God bless, Aimee

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