28 December 2010

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time

there lived a little girl
(we'll call her The Pink Flash no matter what she is wearing).

And she went around stealing peoples' hearts:
her great grandparents,
uncles and aunts,
her mom,
older sibling
(for she was endowed with very great powers from on High to do this).

And this little lass lived
far, far away
in a land of great beauty and grandeur,
and she was very happy there
for it was a land of awesome dogs, chocolate chip pancakes, lions, a special mouse or two and a lot of books.
But her family here missed her,
and they thought of her often;
being the kind soul the Pink Flash is,
she would keep in touch with them in every way she could--
(Did I tell you she was very wise and knew the #1 reason cell phones
and the Internet had been invented for!)
And occasionally,
when her grandparents had been extra specially good,
and the timing was just right,
and the weather cooperated-
they would get their true Christmas wish
which just happened to be always the same one.
Yes, sometimes this wish would be granted early,
and at other times a little late,
but always it was granted for...
Choose 1:
1) Grandma Aimee is always a very good girl
who never gets coal in her Christmas stockings,
2) Because Father Christmas/Santa Claus, sadly, needs new glasses
and cannot see clearly if Grandma Aimee has been naughty or nice,
3) Providence.
And with that I will say
Merry 12 Days of Christmas
and good night!


Pamela said...

Awww...She could steal my heart pretty quickly, too. I choose #3.

aimee said...

Hi, Pamela!
Thanks so much for your visit and for taking time to leave a comment (BTW--don't tell anyone but I would choose #3 too). Hope to spend more time soon on your blog--again TY and have a blessed New Year
Blessings, Aimee

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