31 December 2010

A Look Back at 2010: Summertime in the PNW

Summer brought trips--only a few shown here.
Trips to farms in the PNW as usual-
a berry farm--
I SO wanted to show you photos of NW berries
but couldn't take looking at them anymore--
fruitcake and Danish cheese in winter are wonderful treats,
but now I am dying for field ripened, summer fresh raspberries and strawberries,
and know I have to wait 6 more months to get some more :(
The Columbia River--Ft Stevens State Park, near Astoria
The Peter Iredale--a well known shipwreck.
Ft Stevens State Park.
On an earlier visit there, I was able to actually stand inside of it.
That was a strange feeling.
Part of the local wildlife--near the lakes there (not in the park)
Near Garibaldi, on Tillamook Bay.
Love that place!

Further south, part of Siletz Bay and the Pacific Ocean beyond.
Inland from the coast and going southeast, I believe, is the town of Mt Angel-
this is their beautiful church.
Also nearby is a Abbey with gorgeous views of the valley.

Photo taken from a mountaintop park.

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