16 August 2014

Idaho: More Than Just Yummy Potatoes, Part I

Sorry about the 4 posts this week,
but I just figured out that at the rate I've been posting,
I will still be talking about my trip in mid September
(not that this would necessarily make me unhappy...)
And then yesterday,
 I saw what appeared to be the first color changes in the local leaves--
(and you know I LOVE autumn color) so...
I am definitely going to have to speed up my rate of posting --
for awhile at least-- 
so I'll be ready to post all those 'autumn in the Pacific NW' posts as they occur
Besides, I am eager to get to beautiful Bear Lake!
Over the Snake River
(a lot easier crossing today than our forefathers had)...
 and you'll find yourself in Idaho!!
A place very connected to the Oregon Trail...
(don't you just love the angle of this photo? LOL. My son was in a BIG hurry...)
Looks interesting! Someday we'll have to slow down and take a
better look at all the Oregon Trail places...
 Just to let you know, I have included a link to a state site on the Oregon Trail in Idaho--
see the links below should you be interested.
What a difference a little irrigation makes!
I don't think I've ever stopped here and this is a VERY important place for us
Oregon Trail history lovers:)
Idaho has lots and lots of untamed, wild topography...
these photos were taken on I-84 but I've been to other areas that are off of this highway that are also noteworthy:

Sun Valley--where I recall resting on a picnic table because
someone told me there were snakes in the area.
Silly me!

Twin Falls--
famous for its beautiful Perrine bridge over the VERY deep Snake River Canyon,
the falls in the area (which unfortunately I still haven't seen) and more.

north of the Boise area (near Lewiston) where I was,
for awhile,
a bit infamous for 'causing' snow--
a LOT of snow--
one Thanksgiving.

OK, enough of my memories...
Idaho, Part II and then on to beautiful Utah!
For a transcription of the Snake River sign and more photos of this area and others
(for those, who like me, can't get enough history)

15 August 2014

Lime: It Isn't Just A Fruit

Past Baker City and those wonderful Blue Mountains you enter a very different world.
After awhile you pass by this...
A long time ago my memory is that there was a pipe or something that ran above the highway,
but it isn't there anymore.
This place fascinates me...
it just begs me to come and explore it.
But there are many reasons I won't give in to its 'siren' call...
My reluctance has something (OK a lot) to do with rattlesnakes,
possible loose asbestos (ick) and other dangers in the area.
Nevertheless, I DO like taking photos of this former cement plant in Lime
from the safety of my car:)
Another reason I LOVE zoom lenses!
Question of the day:
What is the purpose of these 'fences'?
We saw them all over on our trip...
I only ask because it has been the topic of discussion in our family for about a week now
(and I want to be right about my guess--LOL)
The Snake River...
Rather stark, but interesting landscape prior to making the descent into Ontario and then Idaho.
This looks interesting also.
Wonder where this side road goes to?
So much I want to know...
so many tasks that keep me from researching the answers to the
 hundreds of questions I keep adding to on a daily basis:)
By the way, at some times of the year this area is desolate but green.
I know, I've seen it that way.
It is quite beautiful then and somewhere, some place I probably have the photos to prove it.
Farewell beloved Oregon...
hello Idaho!
Moving closer with each mile to my beloved Utah mountains, canyons and ASPEN trees!
Next: Idaho--It's more than just potatoes:)
(amazing post with photos on the abandoned cement plant and area)

13 August 2014

The Beautiful Blues and Beyond

Now the payoff begins for braving Cabbage Hill...
Behold the beautiful Blue Mountains...
I could see myself living here.
It is one of my most favorite areas in Oregon!
Love, love, love these mountains.

Wonder if the pioneers appreciated their beauty as much as I do?
Perhaps they were too busy worrying about the hardships involved in making their way down and through them.
By the way, does anyone know the name of the reddish plant growth seen in this photo?

So love this kind of countryside...
could also see myself living in Sisters, the Wallowa Valley or perhaps near Baker City.
There's just something magical and very peaceful about those places.

Beautiful mountains...
a ski area is nearby at Anthony Lakes:)

On the way back we'll take a closer look at some of my favorite places...
at this point my son was determined to make good time and
 I was eager to see my beloved Wasatch Mountains before the day ended.
Next: Lime and beyond

11 August 2014

Headed Southeast: Towards the Blue Mountains

We've left the Columbia River now
and have made a turn towards the southeast
and Pendleton
(famous for lovely woolen blankets
and the Pendleton Roundup that takes place each September)
This is a HUGE poplar tree farm on I 84.
Seems a lot bigger then when I passed it some 7 years ago...
it is definitely not something you would expect to see here.

Sorry about the blurry photo but I have a fondness for art wherever I see it
 and this was the only shot I could get.
Besides I adore horses--even metal ones:)

The Blues straight ahead...but to reach the top you have to ascend the HILL--
Cabbage Hill that is.
Believe me when I say driving up or down this hill is a very memorable experience :)
Up we go--
be prepared for hairpin turns and a 'lovely' 6% grade...
and did I say some great views of the valley below?

Upward and onward...
I would not want to be driving a semi up this hill.
To be quite honest, I would not want to drive anything up this hill---
fortunately I wasn't driving and my wonderful son kindly stayed in the 'innermost' lane.
Did I mention I had already had one anxiety attack on this trip so far?
Fortunately the trip up was not a problem and I was OK.

And up some more...
aren't you glad you're NOT a pioneer in a wagon?

See? I told you there were some great views
(despite the haziness)
Next: The beautiful Blue Mountains and beyond.

One should never write posts at 0300 so please excuse any grammatical errors.
I think I am ready for bed now.
ODOT info on Cabbage Hill
(I will be posting photos of the descent on our return trip soon.)

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