13 August 2014

The Beautiful Blues and Beyond

Now the payoff begins for braving Cabbage Hill...
Behold the beautiful Blue Mountains...
I could see myself living here.
It is one of my most favorite areas in Oregon!
Love, love, love these mountains.

Wonder if the pioneers appreciated their beauty as much as I do?
Perhaps they were too busy worrying about the hardships involved in making their way down and through them.
By the way, does anyone know the name of the reddish plant growth seen in this photo?

So love this kind of countryside...
could also see myself living in Sisters, the Wallowa Valley or perhaps near Baker City.
There's just something magical and very peaceful about those places.

Beautiful mountains...
a ski area is nearby at Anthony Lakes:)

On the way back we'll take a closer look at some of my favorite places...
at this point my son was determined to make good time and
 I was eager to see my beloved Wasatch Mountains before the day ended.
Next: Lime and beyond


Linda W. said...

Beautiful photos! Yes, this is a gorgeous part of Oregon. I need to get back up there for some hiking. :)

aimee said...

Thanks! I LOVE it there! You should also check out the Wallowas if you are in NE Oregon (Eagle Cap WIlderness). Not too far from LaGrande and spectacular scenery. Amazing place:)

Lorrie said...

Beautiful vistas.

aimee said...

Thank you. It is truly an amazing area:)

Sam said...

Wow Aimeee - this is a part of Oregon that I never see.

Betsy said...

Beautiful places and pictures Aimee. The Blues are gorgeous.

aimee said...

It is one of our most beautiful parts--this and the Wallowa Valley:)

I totally agree they are gorgeous! And thanks:)

Bethany Carson said...

Very neat photos! I especially like the fence.

aimee said...

Hello and welcome! I am SO happy you enjoyed the photos of Oregon's Blue Mountains! This area holds special memories for me as I attended a music camp there a long time ago.
PS: The fence-mountain photo is one of my favorites too:) Thanks!

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