16 August 2014

Idaho: More Than Just Yummy Potatoes, Part I

Sorry about the 4 posts this week,
but I just figured out that at the rate I've been posting,
I will still be talking about my trip in mid September
(not that this would necessarily make me unhappy...)
And then yesterday,
 I saw what appeared to be the first color changes in the local leaves--
(and you know I LOVE autumn color) so...
I am definitely going to have to speed up my rate of posting --
for awhile at least-- 
so I'll be ready to post all those 'autumn in the Pacific NW' posts as they occur
Besides, I am eager to get to beautiful Bear Lake!
Over the Snake River
(a lot easier crossing today than our forefathers had)...
 and you'll find yourself in Idaho!!
A place very connected to the Oregon Trail...
(don't you just love the angle of this photo? LOL. My son was in a BIG hurry...)
Looks interesting! Someday we'll have to slow down and take a
better look at all the Oregon Trail places...
 Just to let you know, I have included a link to a state site on the Oregon Trail in Idaho--
see the links below should you be interested.
What a difference a little irrigation makes!
I don't think I've ever stopped here and this is a VERY important place for us
Oregon Trail history lovers:)
Idaho has lots and lots of untamed, wild topography...
these photos were taken on I-84 but I've been to other areas that are off of this highway that are also noteworthy:

Sun Valley--where I recall resting on a picnic table because
someone told me there were snakes in the area.
Silly me!

Twin Falls--
famous for its beautiful Perrine bridge over the VERY deep Snake River Canyon,
the falls in the area (which unfortunately I still haven't seen) and more.

north of the Boise area (near Lewiston) where I was,
for awhile,
a bit infamous for 'causing' snow--
a LOT of snow--
one Thanksgiving.

OK, enough of my memories...
Idaho, Part II and then on to beautiful Utah!
For a transcription of the Snake River sign and more photos of this area and others
(for those, who like me, can't get enough history)


Betsy said...

I would love to take that Old Oregon Trail road. I agree, lots of history in this area. I'm enjoying all of these posts Aimee. No worries about too many! :-)

aimee said...

Me too--in fact I would love to drive the entire Oregon Trail (or as much as possible) someday. Thanks:)

Linda W. said...

Looks like there's lots of great places to explore in Idaho!

aimee said...

Yes. I would someday like to visit the McCall area. It is said to be quite beautiful!

Bethany Carson said...

Looks like a neat drive!

aimee said...

It isn't my favorite part of the trip, but I do enjoy seeing anything that has to do with the Oregon Trail:)

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