18 August 2014

Idaho: More Than Just Yummy Potatoes, Pt II

So we're made it through the Columbia River Gorge
and up the infamous (but beautiful) Cabbage Hill.
And through the gorgeous Blues and Baker City area,
past Lime,
over the Snake River
and now we're part way through Idaho.
Yes, I still love wind turbines and besides a tour of Idaho
would not be complete without a photo of some:)
As usual no trip anywhere would be complete also without the inclusion of some patterns--
this time those found in farm fields.
Another reason I like summer and LOVE farms:)
More of the agricultural areas to be found in Idaho.
Over the Snake -- again!
One of my favorite views of the river.
And then, not too long after the turn off towards Ogden and Salt Lake City....
I LOVE the golds you see during this time of the year---
LOVED this view too--
(except for the possible reflection).
 No dust storm today
(though I think my car is in GREAT need of a bath at this point).
 Almost there!!
(to be honest though, I thought we had already crossed the border to Utah long, long ago and was wondering why things didn't look the way I remembered them from past trips---LOL. My son thought it was quite funny when we -- much later -- finally saw the Welcome to Utah sign. I don't think he realized just how MUCH this mom wanted to be at our first destination!)
Next: northern Utah
Another attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon? Looks like it:)
Site with LOTS of info on Idaho
(and more temptations for future Aimee trips)



Bethany Carson said...

Great photos! I especially enjoyed the first one of the windmills! Neat scenery.

Willow said...

Wow what fun ~ a road trip !
Those golds are awesome Aimee I agree .
Can't wait to see more of your great trip photos .

Sam said...

Very nice photos. Is it lunch time yet? The thought of potatoes and french fries has us hungry...

Betsy said...

Idaho is beautiful! It's amazing how different a state can be. Northern Idaho is so green and mountainous in comparison to the south. I'm enjoying traveling along with you Aimee.

aimee said...

I like that one too! I think they are really cool and you find lots of them east of the Cascades--along the Gorge, in parts of Idaho and parts of Wyoming too.

It was a lot of fun with much more to come! I just wish I could have included a video so you could have heard the running dialogue in the car (my son is a funny guy)! LOVE the golds of autumn too--especially if they're on aspen leaves:)

Thanks! Oh, oh...I didn't include our lunch stop near Boise where we just happened to eat french fries:):) Do you happen to like steak? That's what we had for dinner and it was yummy!

I know what you mean. The south, in the parts that aren't irrigated, is a desert--I was just reading about the Oregon Trail through this area yesterday. It was quite rough in areas. Glad you are enjoying the trip:)
PS: It seems like all the western states are like that--parts are very, very green and lush; other sections much more desert like. Something to make everyone happy!

Teresa Kasner said...

It looks like your blog break is over! :-) We made that trip 4 years ago - but went on to Oklahoma and back, hauling our 30 foot trailer. It is fun to see it again through your eyes. I just posted about our camping trip, come on over if you have time.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

It definitely is. Wow--that is one LONG trip you made! The longest one I've made eastward, as an adult that is, was into Colorado after a stop in Utah. Glad you enjoyed my trip photos---I'll be right over:)

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