23 August 2014

Utah: The Amazing Logan Canyon Scenic Byway: Pt. I

Now you may be asking yourself,
 just how did Aimee get to that beautiful turquoise colored lake?
Well, this post (actually the next two posts) should answer that question and also introduce you to a destination in itself :)

Let's start with a map to help orient you to the area we'll be traveling through.
Here is a great one:
Besides being a great little drive,
 this area is known for its hiking
(part of our family went hiking up there the day before our trip to Bear Lake),
fishing, camping and much more!
During winter you can also pursue skiing and other winter activities there too.
But back to our journey...
Are you ready to leave the beautiful Cache Valley?
This is one of my favorite areas in Utah.
I believe we have reached the mouth of Logan Canyon now.
Shall we explore it?

Nice rock...
Utah and Colorado both have great rock and rock formations!

Pretty rugged here.
Lots of evergreen trees and a nice river beside us.

Very, very green in areas.
Hum. Wonder if I shot this at an angle...
does it look funny to you?

OK. I am ready to cry now.
If I am correct, these are some of my beloved aspen.
I want to get out of our SUV right now and give them all a BIG hug.
I want to touch their beautiful white bark.
I want to admire their gorgeous leaves.
I want to take a zillion photos of them.
Most of all, I want to be HERE come autumn when they turn gold!
The Logan Canyon Scenic Byway is filled with all different kinds of landscapes...
the canyon, meadows, caves high above the road, forests, etc.
Some places reminded me of Colorado--
another place that can make me cry.
It's been 7 years since my last trip there.  
It's another place I'd like to see in the autumn!

Surprise, surprise!
Yep, we were all surprised at finding these sheep grazing peacefully in a meadow.
LOVE this scenic byway!
I can't believe it took me so LONG to agree to taking this trip.
I can't believe I am here in the midst of mountain meadows, aspens, evergreens and more.
This is paradise to me--
and yet, I know, heaven will be even better!
Next: More Logan Canyon
Logan Canyon and more
Logan Canyon Hiking
(I believe it was the Wind Cave that my son and company hiked to).  


Becky L. said...

Lovely photos. I like the photo of sheep grazing in the meadow. There were sheep on our farm. I have enjoyed your trip and excited about the rest of tour journey. God bless.

Willow said...

Aimee that's my kind of wonderful too !
Gorgeous isn't it and you got some great shots .
Love the sheep grazing peacefully in the meadow.
Thanks so much for sharing the beauty,
Hope you are have a wonderful weekend.
Blessings to you too my friend ,

Teresa Kasner said...

More great scenery! Thanks for sharing. We went to the State Fair yesterday, boy did we have fun. Pix on blog. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thanks! I didn't know you had sheep on your farm--I LOVE sheep:)

Thank you! It was pretty amazing--it seemed like everywhere I looked there was something beautiful. Yep, I am a big sheep fan:)

Thank you and you are so welcome! It was definitely one of the top highlights of our trip. I am very excited to see your photos! I considered going there myself:)

Betsy said...

Hi Aimee,
Love the sheep in the meadow and the mouth of Logan Canyon. Actually I like all the photos but those two are my favorites. What a beautiful place,

Bethany Carson said...

Awesome photos! I especially like the sheep!

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award at my blog...not sure if you do awards, so no problem if you're not up to it. I do thoroughly enjoy all the great shots here at your blog!

Sam said...

Hi Aimee, beautiful photos. We like Aspen trees too. They kind of remind us of dalmatians somehow....

aimee said...

I am truly happy you enjoyed all the photos! I LOVED the sheep and was quite happy to get a photo of them as we drove by:)
Thank you SO very much for your kind nomination! I will have to check out the requirements, as I am currently having end of the month issues with our Internet, but am very humbled and blessed by the thought:)
I will be back to posting Pacific NW photos as soon as my Utah trip ones are all posted; I hope they will bring back great memories for you!

Thanks! I never thought of that before but I really like dalmations -- even stuffed dalmation toys:)

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