25 August 2014

Utah: The Amazing Logan Canyon Scenic Byway, Pt II

Ready for more of the  Logan Canyon Scenic Byway?
I know I am...
As I said, there is a variety of landscapes along this canyon--
all of them beautiful in their own special way.
No wonder it has been designated a scenic byway!
The only thing I didn't take photos of were the drop offs.
They aren't so bad from what I have been told, but I am a little sensitive to such things...
fortunately my wonderful son-in-law would call out a warning before any of them
and I would just look the other way. On the byway, both sides were interesting
so I didn't feel I was missing anything.
Most importantly, I would DEFINITELY feel comfortable taking this route again--
and there are some places, such as a certain forest service road in Oregon, that I wouldn't say the same thing about.
This is a paradise as far as the outdoor enthusiast is concerned.
Hiking, horsebackriding, photography (yea!), fishing (the river is dammed at several locations),
skiing and other winter activities.
And there are even more roads that branch off this main one
and lead you to other places that sound gorgeous too!
We stopped here for a break--
not too far from the summit and interesting!
This was one of my most favorite areas.
Beautiful, but tricky if you are here during the wintertime.
A sort of iffy photo of the river that runs by the roadside.
MUCH prettier in person!
Another place we stopped, on the way back to Logan and the Cache Valley, was Ricks Spring.
Here my youngest grandson explores it:)
And above that area is where Small One went into her first cave...
she had the joy of several firsts on this trip:)
My first one (or at least the first one I remember) was Skeleton Cave near Bend, Oregon.
Here is a great link to see photos and info on Skeleton Cave
I also saw, but didn't go in, the Arnold Ice Cave
This was all a long time ago but very memorable!
Have any of you been in a cave?
Next: The Bay By the Lake
Photos of one of the caves at Ricks Spring
More Ricks Spring
And for my later delight--310 photos of the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway
(thank you US Government)


Bethany Carson said...

The spring looks so neat! I love how clear the water is--so amazing! Here we have nothing like that as all the water in lakes and streams is muddy from farm field run-off.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Such breathtaking scenery!! Wow. Looks like an amazing place.

Abigail ~ said...

oh my goodness!! such beautiful pictures! i half expected to see the boys from Bonanza or some other show galloping across the valley. i can only hope to one day visit a wonderful western place like this. until then, thank you for the virtual trip!

aimee said...

It looks even better in person! You will have to make a trip out west again some time:)
Blessings, Aimee

It is gorgeous and even more breathtaking if one hikes up the canyon to the rock formations at the top! I think you would enjoy it as you like nature! By the way, your recent photo of the waterfall was amazing--it made me feel as if I was there:)
Thanks for your visit!

aimee said...

Thank you for your kind remark which made me smile and giggle this morning! There are lots of rugged and wild areas out here in the Pacific NW and in the mountain states where these photos were taken! I am thrilled to take you with me on my trip:)
A BIG welcome to my blog too!
PS: Hopefully you will get your wish someday and be able to visit these beautiful places!

Teresa Kasner said...

I haven't been in much of a cave.. but I'd like to try it. I love that one with the water in it, looks aqua in there, cool. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

I am so enjoying your trip with you Aimee. The scenery is beautiful. So much fun for everyone especially the Small One.

Linda W. said...

Oh this looks like such a beautiful place! Glad you had a great trip.

aimee said...

You should try it sometime! I wouldn't do it today, but it's fun to say I did it one time in my life:)
I think the water looks beautiful at Ricks Spring too!

Thank you my blogger friend-so glad you are enjoying these posts! It was incredibly beautiful and we all had a lot of fun:)

Logan Canyon is amazing! You would love it there as it is well known for some great hikes:)

Gracie Saylor said...

Wow! The river, rocks, and spring...sooo pretty, Aimee.
As a child I went into Tom Sawyer's cave in Hannibal, Missouri. Cool, and pitch black when they turned out the lights!
Blessings xx

aimee said...

I am happy that you think the byway is beautiful too! Oh how I would LOVE to visit that cave! I attended a performance of Tom Sawyer this past year and would love to see all the places Mark Twain wrote about.
PS: Unless they have bats in the cave that is. Bats and I have issues:)

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