18 November 2015

The Feathered Ones (Part II Of Surf, Sand + Seagulls)

From November 11th...
Just because life continues to be challenging here
(though I am feeling MUCH, MUCH better),
just because I'd rather be on the sands right now instead of home
(unless it's pouring down rain or freezing cold when you read this),
just because I can't get enough of the surf, sand and seagulls
(is it possible to get enough of those three?),
just because laughter is great for the soul and gulls make me laugh,
just because it's late and I don't have a lot of words tonight
(probably because I should be in bed at this time),
I bring you more of the feathered ones --
with lots of thanks to the seagull-feeding strangers standing on the seawall above us,
who without knowing it made these photos possible:)
I wish seagulls could talk.
 I mean I know they do, but
 since I don't understand gullish and they don't speak English,
 I just have to imagine what they are saying--
or in this case thinking.
In this case, I am imagining that the bird, behind the one in front, is a girl gull
and she is crazy in love with the guy gull.
Yep, she is totally smitten.
Meanwhile guy gull is totally smitten with the idea that there is food nearby.
The message is out.
Seagull feeding strangers on the seawall.
"Come one, come all".
Seagulls on the seawall.
Seagull sentinels.
It's a regular bird convention it is.
Love these guys (and gals).
Loved the foamy surf!
Another fisher gull enjoying his (or her) catch of the day.
He apparently likes sushi as much as I do--
however he prefers his without the rice, the seaweed, etc. etc.
Mmm. Sushi.
The End:)
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