14 January 2010

A Quick Note (& question re: laptops)

Just wanted to let you know that if there are no blog posts for awhile it is because my laptop is seriously contemplating being put out to pasture...
but Aimee will, God willing, return soon with more walks in His gardens :)
In the meanwhile, blessings and peace to family, friends and visitors!
Update (1/21/2010):
My wonderful, very computer literate son and I spent some time recently looking for a new laptop for me. Being the Mac loving guy he is, he deftly steered me into Apple 'heaven' where I was happily entertained by their computers and software which appealed to the artistic side of me which loves photography and wants badly to relearn the piano I played as a child. In addition I am captivated by their power cord since I have a history of tripping over and otherwise wrecking the regular ones:(
But before I take the plunge from the PC world into the world of 'fruit'...anyone have any comments pro or con the Mac vs PC? I've always been a PC person -- and have never even used a Mac; well at least till recently.
Thanks & blessings this Friday evening,

13 January 2010

Images of a New Year

The days are a bit longer now; the sunrise comes earlier then it did in December.
Soon, not too long now, it will be February and then - maybe - just maybe more blossoms will appear in the garden.
But even now in this season of quiet simplicity the garden has it's beauty.
The lush green of moss on a Japanese maple branch.

Raindrops gathered on the upright leaves of the Nandina sparkle in the winter's light like diamonds.

The beauty of the upper pond as raindrops cause perfect patterns on its surface.

And the fragile unusual beauty of this
daphne odora.


Blessings from the winter's garden,
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