12 May 2014

Mother's Day Hike 2014: Kilchis Point Reserve

The last couple years my DH and I have gone on a hike to celebrate Mother's Day.
Since all three of our kids live out of state now (sad sigh)
and both of our mom's have passed on (second sad sigh), we find it a pleasant way to spend this day--
and somehow, maybe because my mom loved nature so very much, it just seems right.
Of course, during our travels we always hear from our kids which is a very pleasant part of our Mother's Day celebrations too:)
Last year we hiked the trail to Fishhawk Falls (near Jewell) in the coast range
(you can find photos of that hike here and here).
It was beautiful...
it was an easy walk...
it was green...
we LOVED it!
When exploring possibilities for this year's celebration,
I happened upon a mention of a hike in one of my favorite areas--
and that's when I, lover of local history and nature,  knew where we had to go.
Of course, since my daughter and sons couldn't be here...
we brought another 'daughter'--
a small, white, furry one.
She LOVES it when her mom and dad say she's invited too!
No, you won't find this wonderful sculpture at Kilchis...
but we did spend some yummy moments later in the day with him.

Kilchis Point is located in Bay City (south of Garibaldi; north of Tillamook)
and is the site of a former Native American village
and, later on, pioneer homesteads.
If you go, be prepared to be fully immersed into a world of green loveliness!
The first section of the trail (The Trailhead Loop trail)
consists of beautiful pavers and is very handicap accessible.
It is easy walking and quite delightful!
Other trail surfaces include boardwalks over the wetland areas
(with more to come)
and compacted gravel trails beyond the Trailhead Loop
(we walked quite a bit of the trail called Native American Way 
but would like to do all the trails in the future).
Signs along the trail talk about the history and animals of the area
(I didn't know this was cougar and black bear territory).
Everything was VERY well done and added to our enjoyment of the area.
We were there late morning and mostly had this piece of paradise to ourselves--
well except for the birds that is
(birdsong included in your hike for free--actually I should say there is
NO admission so your walk is totally free).

Salmonberries in different stages.
Mmm. We need to plant some here.

Native mushroom.
The different types of mushrooms we have in the Pacific NW amaze me!

I told you to be prepared for being immersed in green
(beautiful woodland, forest, wetland areas)
and whoever designed the walkways has a very artistic eye.
You will agree should you come here!
Speaking of art--this gorgeous salmon sculpture can be seen along the trail...
there are also wonderful log (and other) benches should you feel the need to relax for awhile.
It is a great trail for your furry friends, kids and adults alike! 
Well I could post a dozen or more photos of our hike here
and a couple photos along the bay too
(from when we got lost before we found the reserve),
but household tasks call me so I will leave you with some links where you can find 
more information and photos of Kilchis Point Reserve.
Have a great week:)
(Kilchis is owned by the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum--
they have some plans for the reserve's future!)
(Kilchis Point Reserve blog--love it!
Lots of photos and info about the Reserve can be found here).
Besides Fishhawk Falls and Kilchis Point,
another fairly easy walk in this area is Munson Falls located a bit south of Tillamook.
Here is a link to our walk there...

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