16 May 2013

Into the Forest: Part II

So when we last visited,
 in this beautiful forest setting,
I left you near the falls...
or thereabouts.
And I will get you to the falls soon,
so I can show you my latest attempts at a good the perfect waterfall photo (LOL),
but I have a few more things to show you first...
a few more treasures,
a few more jewels in this magical woodland.
So LOVE the 'fringe', the colors...
The wonderful creek you walk along for much of your journey.
and more of that lovely green foliage.  
 Hum...I wonder if a certain green 'frog' would be happy here:)
Love, love, love!
Another location along the creek.
I am thinking that our yard would be JUST perfect if we
built a creek to go with our ponds...
and then planted a hundred trees or so,
added more ferns, boulders and native plants...
Oh and aged everything for a few hundred years or so.
I'll just have to go hiking more often:)
The falls...
you can really see how little rainfall we've received this spring.
The falls is a lot different than the photos on the web,
but still pretty as all waterfalls in the forest are.
Just to let you know,
because of fallen trees, etc. you are not able to get really close to the falls--
well you can but I wasn't willing to get wet or risk a fall...
or should I say a fall by the falls.
 Giggle, giggle.
Actually in all honesty,
there is another way to see the top of the falls...
but that will have to wait for another post.
As far as the 'perfect' waterfall photo--
nope, not yet...
although I think there's some improvement.
Guess that means more hikes for me, the man, the onery one
and possibly a friendly tripod.
And now,
I leave you as we started this trip,
with a boy and his dog
(notice the position of the leash...sigh)
Hope you enjoyed the journey!
Lee Wooden County Park,
near Jewell.


Terri said...

Sounds like a fun adventure-nice photos!

by Teresa said...

Good old Oregon.. lush, green, moist, mossy, water.. thanks for sharing your adventure. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Love this. It speaks peace to my soul. Thank you.

Linda W. said...

What a beautiful place! And I like your waterfall photo - the falls are peeking from behind all that nice green foliage. Very pretty!

aimee said...

@Terri-Thanks-it was! Have a wonderful and peaceful Friday:)

@Teresa-Yep all those and beautiful too! Wishing you well this day;)

@Betsy-Me too...makes me feel happy to know the photos and post blessed you! Have a great weekend:)

Blessings to all you ladies,

aimee said...

Thanks! I still have a long ways to go in perfecting my waterfall technique (but oh is it fun going to all these waterfalls to work on it)!
Wishing you well this Thursday evening:)

Grayseasailor said...

I LOVE being surprised by all the little waterfalls in my drives around the Portland area! Thanks for sharing where you have been hiking around, Aimee...beeeautiful :-)
Blessings to you and yours,

aimee said...

Me too! I can hardly wait to check out some 'new' ones I just found out about:) Thank you for your sweet comment and have a blessed day!

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