17 May 2013

Today Isn't Just Your Usual, Ordinary Friday...

Well the countdown to the big day is over
(and we even have a little blue sky over our heads--yippee)!

Today is important to me for three reasons...
the first, someone VERY, VERY important in my life will be celebrating their birthday today
Happy Birthday!

many, many (am I aging myself enough??) years ago I was baptized on this very day
(Thank you Lord for your many blessings).

And finally, today is important for -- at least -- one other very important reason...


Does this photo of my fav doll Kristin Liv give you a hint?
Yes? No?

Ok, I'll tell you...
It's Syttende Mai -- a day similar to America's July 4th.
A day I choose to celebrate too because of my deep love for the beautiful country of Norway.
I've celebrated this day in various places...
one year in wonderful, glorious Poulsbo, Washington...

(sorry--old camera)
(oh how I miss you and wonderful Liberty Bay).
And last year I celebrated with these beautiful fjord horses
(yep, they are totally AWESOME and SO MUCH fun to ride,
 as I found out one year at a farm that had fjords).
and, last year, I ate my FIRST (but definitely not last) most YUMMY bløtkake!
I also ate some delicious lefse wraps last year too made from the most PERFECT lefse!
OK I'm starving now!
This year I was hoping to be a 'bit' north of here...
but the weather didn't cooperate yesterday when a friend was able to go with me.
Maybe later this year I'll make it there...
But since I can't be where my heart would like to be,
along the river or the bay,
or in Norway
(even better),
I am celebrating at home by making Norwegian recipes all day...
lemon vafler or Pannekaken
(with lingonberries--yum)
for lunch a lefse wrap...
maybe with some awesome gjetost
(a totally yummy brown Norwegian cheese)
And then,
if all goes well and I stay healthy
(I woke up in a LOT of pain but it has lessened for the most part),
at the end of the day my hubby and I will share
a little Nordic feast...
Yep, that's what I'm doing today...
what plans do you have for this Friday?
Links of Possible Interest:
Viking Soul: http://www.vikingsoulfood.com/Viking_Soul_Food/Home.html
(totally yummy lefse wraps and more, located in Portland)
Norse Hall: http://norsehall.org/
(love this place, also in Portland)
Viking Fest: http://vikingfest.org/
(on gorgeous Liberty Bay--not too far from where my Swedish great-great uncle lived next to his Norwegian neighbors)
Ballard Syttende Mai: http://www.myballard.com/2013/05/13/get-out-your-norwegian-flags-syttende-mai-is-on-friday/
(how I miss you my beloved Seattle with your beautiful bays, lakes and canals...sigh)

And if you're in the need for something Nordic today....
Scandia Imports:
(Love this place! They carry many items, including some food items, from all the Scandinavian countries)
There are also wonderful Scandinavian shops and bakeries in Poulsbo, Astoria and other places that I have been to...
(fattigman, Finnish pinwheels...YUM!)

Or if you just want to try some of the Norwegian food at home that I'll be attempting to cook today:
Lemon Vafler (waffles):
Pannekaken (Norwegian pancakes):
Agurksalat (Norwegian cucumber salad):
Kjøttkaker (Norwegian meat cakes)with some side dishes:

of course you will find some Norwegian blog links to the right of this post...

All in all it looks to be a very yummy day...
that is if I can get off this computer, stay more or less well and get busy cooking!
Wish me luck:)



Terri said...

Oh wow, now I'm hungry! The cake looks delicious.

Grayseasailor said...

Hope you are having a wonderful celebration as you whip up your culinary delights, Aimee :-)
Blessings to you and yours,

Betsy said...

That all sounds like so much fun. My Friday has been driving home from Portland, taking Hubby's truck to get a nail out of the tire before it flattened while driving, (thank goodness) and now laundry and packing for the lake tonight. Yippee!

Whew!!! I'm tired but the lake will be worth it.

Have fun tonight.


aimee said...

@Terri~ It is or at least that one was...I found out my butter was expired so no cake for me today. Sigh...but there is ice cream:)

@Gracie~a few things didn't happen and I was busy with texts and other stuff, but overall it was a good dinner and the food I did cook was good:)

@Betsy~So happy to know you're home safe and sound with a lake trip coming up! Good thing you found the nail before things got worse!

Blessings ladies...wishing you all a blessed, peaceful and joy filled weekend!

PS: Thanks for visiting:)

Willow said...

Oh what a lovely post . I like hearing about Norway I had started reading th post yesterday and got interupted ... so back today to finish as it was such a great post ! I have always thought Norway to be a beautiful country. Fjord Ponies are just so very GORGEOUS, I have met several .

aimee said...

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. I agree--Norway is gorgeous! I follow several bloggers from there and it has only made me fall in love with it more:)
You should ride one sometime if you can--fjords are easy to ride, I LOVE their personality and, as you said, they are gorgeous! LOVE them!

by Teresa said...

Thanks for all the Norwegian fun.. when is that Scan Fair? I'd like to go. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Hi, Teresa!
You are so very welcome! This is the Norse Hall's annual Syttende Mai celebration...it is held each year on May 17th in NE Portland.

There are several other Scandinavian fairs/festivals throughout the year too in the PNW--you would LOVE Norwegian crafts! I love the crafts, the food and the folk dancing:)


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh how fun! My grandfather is part Norwegian and happens to one two Fjord horses that he drives. He is 91 years old. Just had a bad accident with them, but he I have no doubt he'll be driving them again in no time.

aimee said...

I didn't know about your grandpa and the fjord horses! They are incredible--one of my favorite breeds for sure (them and Arabians). You mention that your grandfather had an accident, I sincerely hope he is OK.
PS: Putting together a Scottish menu for our clan's special day:)

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