20 May 2013

In the Garden...

After our wet Saturday we are experiencing a brief respite...
in other words,
the sun is shining,
we have blue skies overhead,
Aimee has laundry hanging outside
life is good...here that is.
Meanwhile the midwest, specifically Oklahoma, is being hit hard by tornados.
Please, please take a moment or more of your day to pray for the residents there.
And now to the garden...
Our strawberries are getting bigger and there is the tiniest bit of red...
How I LOVE what raindrops do to the most common
of plants...
One of our evergreen huckleberries...love these blossoms!
Grapes a growin'--so itty bitty right now.

Poppy time -- love my Iceland and Allegro poppies!
Do you see the little extra 'treasure' in this photo?
Would you believe I didn't tell I was checking the photo afterwards?

One of my fav ferns--I wish I could find more of these.
Cinnamon ferns...they don't smell
(that I know of) but they're sure a beautiful garden accent!
A garden medley...
hot poker plant, Japanese irises, nandina and more.
So much in bloom and growing right now...so hard to pick only a few pics to post
(have you noticed I have a fav number of photos in my posts?).
Perhaps more later this week and soon our weekend trip into the past.
FUN times:)


by Teresa said...

Neat photos.. I have an orange-ish fern and it's called an Autumn fern! Enjoy this day.. it's awesome here! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Linda W. said...

Love this time of year when everything is in bloom! And the raindrops are on the leaves - really liked your second photo!

Betsy said...

Hi Aimee!
Love your garden pictures. That's what I can't seem to do today from my phone-post pictures. When I try blogger or chrome+, I don't know which, deletes my entire post. What a bother!
But nothing in comparison to the news I just heard about the tornadoes. I am definitely praying.

aimee said...

@Teresa~Thank you!I would love to see your autumn fern-it sounds beautiful!
Awesome day here too--blue skies, warm, sunny.

@Linda~Thank you--one of my favs too. I LOVE raindrops on just about anything, and the good thing about living here is I get lots of chances to admire them:)
Oh yes--beautiful, beautiful blooms right now. LOVE it!
LOVED your latest photos. Those Painted Hills are SO incredible--they almost seem surreal! TY again for sharing them on your post.

@Betsy~TY! I sure wish I could help you with your photo posting problem. I've had it much easier recently but I SO remember the struggles...not fun:(
TY for joining me in prayers for the people of OK> It is a sad, sad day there.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

The pictures of your flowers are gorgeous! Because we had such a warm spring, our flowers are starting to bloom a little earlier than normal, but are slowing down a bit now that the weather is cooler. Hope to get some rain! It is so dry in Eastern Oregon. Send some our way, OK? Ha ha! Blessings to you!

aimee said...

Thank you so very much Jackie! I do feel blessed to be surrounded by flowers and trees.
Yep, we're getting colder too--although no rain right now and the skies overhead even are clear in areas. I would love for more rain to come your way--a little apprehensive of what this will mean for the coming fire season:(
Blessings always to you + yours!

aimee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terri said...

Your garden is lovely and I wish I had those strawberries in mine! I do have the grapes, but not sure if they will make it..this weather is crazy.

aimee said...

Thanks Terri! I love our garden but there is SO much that needs to be done out there now. Our weather has been strange too--we had summer type weather for about 2 weeks or so and are way below the average rainfall here. I think that is why everything is a bit ahead of schedule.
What kind of grapes do you have? We have Niagara and Concord.

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