23 May 2013

Exploring Our Heritage: Pt I

Here in the PNW there are many paths that lead to the sea
and one of those paths passes by a place that history buffs may find absolutely irresistible!
Recently the weather was less than conducive to good photography, or time outdoors, so my DH had a brilliant idea to visit this place that we had flown by more than a time or two.
 It didn't take me more than 5-10 minutes to get ready that day
 (I LOVE history THAT much)
and then we were off,
past rural landscapes and some smaller communities,
this time sans cute, white traveling dog (more about that decision later)...
onery little canine:(
 Can you imagine traveling by stagecoach over dirt roads?
At last we arrived at the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center --
a multi building complex located on Highway 18 just outside the city of McMinnville--
part of the area known as the 'Wine Country' of Oregon.
There we spent the next several hours exploring with the help
of a very informative, friendly tour guide--can I just say our time there was glorious!

How many of us have worn linen clothing?
I know I have.
 Do you know where linen comes from?
(I imagine all my crafter blogging friends do--LOL)
Do you know how flax is made into linen cloth?
Have you held flax in your hands before?
Did you know that flax was once a major crop in Oregon? I didn't.
Here's a link to learn more:
(the above is also a great source of Oregon history)
Stuff like this fascinates me...
And just how was mail delivered in the days before cars?
 In the Yamhill Valley area it was delivered by a mail wagon...
like the one above.
Do you know the purpose of the netting above the wheel?
I do now and I totally appove it:)
If you don't know I'll give you a hint...it has to do with horses.
I LOVE anything that has to do with horses!
A large part of the museum's awesome collection was tractors and all kinds of farm machinery--
from pioneer times to around the time of the Korean War.  
My Farmer Boy and I had great fun asking questions that occured to us and
getting very knowledgeable answers!
BTW, do you know what happened to the wheels of tractors during World War II?
And back a little...
do you know what the above machine was used for?
I do now:)
Another favorite of my hubby and I that are included in the museum's collection is old cars..
LOVE them!
More heritage coming soon...
What 'treasures' did you unearth this weekend?
My dear hubby brought me home local, juicy, yummy, red 'treasures' yesterday!
Did you create or cook something special this week?
I made a triple berry crisp for dessert...
Berry crisp + whipped cream=a happy Aimee.
Did you take time to nurture yourself this week?
I need to get back in the habit of daily devotion time again...
A BIG thank you to the two volunteers at the museum who spent time showing us through the complex and answered all of our multitude of questions. You were AWESOME and we really appreciated everything done to make us feel at home!
It is amazing that this center is run TOTALLY by volunteers!
More about their special programs soon...
LOVE it:)
Here is their link: 
A BIG thank you also
 to the volunteers of YVHC for permission to photograph
and post photos here on my blog--thank you! Aimee


Betsy said...

Hello Aimee,
We, too, have sped right by that museum on our way to the coast and since history, especially pioneer/settler type history facinates me, I think we'll have to try to stop someday. Meanwhile I will enjoy your photos and go to the link you posted.
I've been enjoying my devotion time at the lake the past few weeks. It's quiet and peaceful and very conducive to study.

by Teresa said...

We've gone by that museum before on our way to Lincoln City - maybe someday we'll actually stop. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I read my Bible today but really need to be more consistent )it had been 2 weeks...sigh). Enjoy your devotional time in the middle of God's creation:)
I hope you can stop one day. It is free, donations only--they are open very limited hours right now though.

I think, with your love of history, you would enjoy it. I would love to be a child in their Pioneer Day program:)

Willow said...

Aimee I really enjoyed hearing about all of this, so interesting.I. love the old time stage coaches ! Then again, like you, I love anything to do with horses ! :)

aimee said...

Good Friday to you! Glad you enjoyed my latest journey...after seeing the beautiful interior of this stagecoach, I would love to go for a ride in one. Maybe someday I will get that chance:)

Becky L. said...

I've not gone to that museum. We've gone to the air museum a few times that's in McMinville though. We like history as well. Let's see, only thing I made this past week was cookies that I baked from the mix I made Sat. evening. I made a big cookie for my granddaughter who is 5 years old this next week...gave it to her today at the family get together. I used pink mnms for her initial and 5 lavender mnms for a smile. She loved it! Have a good weekend. Yes I feel your pain of what's going on around us. The world just needs Jesus!

aimee said...

I've been to that one too-several years ago I think. It was pretty interesting:)
I often use cookie mixes too--your granddaughter's giant cookie sounds neat. It sounds like her birthday celebration went well--she is a little older than my youngest granddaughter.
It so does, it so does...

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