24 May 2013

After the Storm (Does God Cry?)

The storm has passed...the rain has ceased for the moment.
Droplets of rain lay like glittering little crystals on leaves and flowers alike.
So much pain in this world;
so many tears.
Not one week seems to pass without bringing more news
 of suffering, loss, sorrow and death.
Such has it been since Cain lifted his hand to take his brother Abel's life.
Does God cry I ask as I lift my eyes towards the heavens?
Does He feel this family's pain;
does He feel my pain?
I know Jesus wept...
for the Bible says so and I believe what is written there.
It also says that
the only begotten Son of the living God
knew pain and sorrow firsthand.
Verse after verse, I read accounts of His walk among mankind... 
 among those experiencing storms of disease, loss and oppression--
those with little or no hope.
Yes, Christ saw the cruelty of man against his fellow man;
He saw a world where the Golden Rule was not followed
He knew well what that cost those He had come to save;
those He gave His life's blood for.
Does God cry?
I don't know the answer, for the Bible doesn't say...
 but I DO know God loves those who cry
and I know He longs to comfort them.
I long to comfort a family 
experiencing great sorrow in a nation far from my own--
a family I do not know,
but a family known to God.
Today I also long for a world where we love one another as He loves us.
Thou tellest my wanderings:
put Thou my tears into Thy bottle: are they not in Thy book?
Psalm 56:8 KJV
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying,
 neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.
Revelation 21:4 KJV   

23 May 2013

Exploring Our Heritage: Pt I

Here in the PNW there are many paths that lead to the sea
and one of those paths passes by a place that history buffs may find absolutely irresistible!
Recently the weather was less than conducive to good photography, or time outdoors, so my DH had a brilliant idea to visit this place that we had flown by more than a time or two.
 It didn't take me more than 5-10 minutes to get ready that day
 (I LOVE history THAT much)
and then we were off,
past rural landscapes and some smaller communities,
this time sans cute, white traveling dog (more about that decision later)...
onery little canine:(
 Can you imagine traveling by stagecoach over dirt roads?
At last we arrived at the Yamhill Valley Heritage Center --
a multi building complex located on Highway 18 just outside the city of McMinnville--
part of the area known as the 'Wine Country' of Oregon.
There we spent the next several hours exploring with the help
of a very informative, friendly tour guide--can I just say our time there was glorious!

How many of us have worn linen clothing?
I know I have.
 Do you know where linen comes from?
(I imagine all my crafter blogging friends do--LOL)
Do you know how flax is made into linen cloth?
Have you held flax in your hands before?
Did you know that flax was once a major crop in Oregon? I didn't.
Here's a link to learn more:
(the above is also a great source of Oregon history)
Stuff like this fascinates me...
And just how was mail delivered in the days before cars?
 In the Yamhill Valley area it was delivered by a mail wagon...
like the one above.
Do you know the purpose of the netting above the wheel?
I do now and I totally appove it:)
If you don't know I'll give you a hint...it has to do with horses.
I LOVE anything that has to do with horses!
A large part of the museum's awesome collection was tractors and all kinds of farm machinery--
from pioneer times to around the time of the Korean War.  
My Farmer Boy and I had great fun asking questions that occured to us and
getting very knowledgeable answers!
BTW, do you know what happened to the wheels of tractors during World War II?
And back a little...
do you know what the above machine was used for?
I do now:)
Another favorite of my hubby and I that are included in the museum's collection is old cars..
LOVE them!
More heritage coming soon...
What 'treasures' did you unearth this weekend?
My dear hubby brought me home local, juicy, yummy, red 'treasures' yesterday!
Did you create or cook something special this week?
I made a triple berry crisp for dessert...
Berry crisp + whipped cream=a happy Aimee.
Did you take time to nurture yourself this week?
I need to get back in the habit of daily devotion time again...
A BIG thank you to the two volunteers at the museum who spent time showing us through the complex and answered all of our multitude of questions. You were AWESOME and we really appreciated everything done to make us feel at home!
It is amazing that this center is run TOTALLY by volunteers!
More about their special programs soon...
LOVE it:)
Here is their link: 
A BIG thank you also
 to the volunteers of YVHC for permission to photograph
and post photos here on my blog--thank you! Aimee

22 May 2013

The WORD on Wednesday: Comfort

Yahweh is near to those who are heartbroken and saves those who are crushed in spirit
May God be with them that are brokenhearted today.
Blessings, Aimee
Psalm 34:18 LEB
Photo taken in my miniature rose garden.

21 May 2013

Syttende Mai Dinner: May 17, 2013

Good day friends and visitors!
I hope this post finds you well...
Today's post is going to be short because I have a lot to do and woke up late.
Last week for Syttende Mai,  I decided to cook the Farmer Boy and I a Norwegian meal.
Originally I had planned to make a wonderful bløtkake for dessert but that changed when I found out to my horror that my butter had expired:(
But, as it turned out, I was pretty busy between all the things I did cook and taking photos during the process. I should probably say here that these were taken with my smartphone, I didn't mess with the phone settings before I took them AND (this is the really important part) our kitchen lighting is really awful.
Well now that we're all on the same page and,
 we all understand that Aimee is NOT a food blogger and that these won't be great photos,
let's get started....
Oh my! I should have eaten breakfast before posting...now I am really HUNGRY!
This is kjøttkaker -- Norwegian meat cakes and they were fabulous:)
I ended up modifying the recipe I was following a bit--using 1/2# each of ground beef and veal (no, you don't have to use veal if you are morally opposed to doing so) and 1# of ground pork. I also omitted the cloves--mostly because I just had whole cloves and was short on time.
I did cook the gravy, substituting lingonberry preserves for the red currant jam and I liked it, but I liked it even more the next day...I personally LOVE gjetost cheese and lingonberries but my hubby is not fond of either so he ate his sans gravy and liked them very much.
Also on the menu was pickled herring (YUM), agurksalat (ditto the YUM),
boiled Yukon potatoes and green peas. Next time I will try to cook the peas Norwegian style;
next time I will have butter on hand that is NOT expired:) Sigh.
Making the agurksalat...I've actually made a Swedish version of this for decades
(yep, literally decades). Yum...
This was my first time to use an English cucumber for this salad so that was pretty neat too.
Back to the kjøttkaker--
this was after all the meats were mixed together and the spices were added.
And this was when the fragrance of those spices made me believe that I was in heaven...
yes, they smelled THAT great!
And then this was after the onion, panko (LOVE this stuff now) and egg was added...
after which came kneading and mixing, kneading and mixing...
and then the FUN part of forming the little meat cakes!
I decided to make them look like slightly flattened eggs...
loved it:)
And then came the cooking.
I used the last, itty bitty portion of my good, not expired butter and a bit of cooking spray.
This photo reminds me
#1) I SO need to clean my stovetop,
#2) I'm really starving now
most importantly
#3) I again have GOOD BUTTER!
So as gray skies replace the earlier mix of blue and clouds,
I bid you goodbye...
The recipe I followed for the cucumber salad was similar to this one:
For the meat cakes I mostly followed this first recipe but also used the second one for a guide:
And now breakfast...
and then to finalize my menu for my clan's special day.
Mmm...Scottish food:)

20 May 2013

In the Garden...

After our wet Saturday we are experiencing a brief respite...
in other words,
the sun is shining,
we have blue skies overhead,
Aimee has laundry hanging outside
life is good...here that is.
Meanwhile the midwest, specifically Oklahoma, is being hit hard by tornados.
Please, please take a moment or more of your day to pray for the residents there.
And now to the garden...
Our strawberries are getting bigger and there is the tiniest bit of red...
How I LOVE what raindrops do to the most common
of plants...
One of our evergreen huckleberries...love these blossoms!
Grapes a growin'--so itty bitty right now.

Poppy time -- love my Iceland and Allegro poppies!
Do you see the little extra 'treasure' in this photo?
Would you believe I didn't tell I was checking the photo afterwards?

One of my fav ferns--I wish I could find more of these.
Cinnamon ferns...they don't smell
(that I know of) but they're sure a beautiful garden accent!
A garden medley...
hot poker plant, Japanese irises, nandina and more.
So much in bloom and growing right now...so hard to pick only a few pics to post
(have you noticed I have a fav number of photos in my posts?).
Perhaps more later this week and soon our weekend trip into the past.
FUN times:)
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