25 June 2011

My Week in Photos: A Preview

Wouldn't you know it? Lots of pictures to post and no time to do it,

hence this will be a preview of things to come.

This (almost) past week has been busy with trips to help care for my dad, an absolutely horrific night (no pictures, but it turned out OK thanks to some GOOD friends), a trip for strawberries and to see several PNW historic places, wildlife sightings (including here at home), time in the garden, etc.

But as I have already said, I have no time to post a lot, so here are a few photos to

-- hopefully --

whet your appetite for later :)

I call this "surfing heron"---

poor bird he is probably the most photographed heron this week:)

And this? Well I call this a blessing from the Creator, for we saw this baby here today!

And, yes, this doe is probably the most photographed deer this week:)


I have figured out why I am not finding any ripe berries at home this spring...

apparently my wonderful,

formerly strawberry-hating DH

has had a change of heart

re: the absolute wonderfulness (is that a word??)

of our local strawberries


has been nibbling on ours:)

I LOVE it!

Sunday Blessings, Aimee



heron seen on trip to a PNW historic area

a deer seen in our area

22 June 2011

The WORD on Wednesday

And Jesus said---"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
Matthew 5:9 KJV




Old Scotch Church, Oregon-built 1878.

Taken in late February during a trip through the area.
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