11 June 2012

Walking Alone: A Hike in Oregon's Forest

It still shocks me that after years of traveling the PNW,
there are still places I've never been to;
this place was one of them.
How often we had driven past the narrow road that led upward to this forest;
this park;
this wonderland
and never given it a second thought--
this time we turned...
 After a short drive we made another turn
and found ourselves in the middle of a forest
(on another narrow road).
We followed this road for awhile...
 And then we came to a parking area and the real adventure began...
my DH did not feel up to walking and at times, in the past, I would have let a combination
of fear and caution stop me from walking a trail alone.
But something in me really wanted to do this...
so I headed off.
The trail led along a creek for part of the way...
the trees and lush foliage enveloped me;
I asked God to walk with me.
 At times the path was faily flat;
at times it lead downwards
of course,
at times it lead upwards.
 Everywhere I looked I was astounded at the beauty of God's creation!
During my hike I passed only 5 other people,
so most of the time I was alone with my thoughts
(a bit fearful at times from being out of my comfort zone),
my prayers for protection and help
(I foolishly was wearing sandals),
and the sounds of nature.
I wonder,
if it is SO beautiful on earth...
what was the Garden of Eden like?
The Garden when God walked with His creation.
 And then,
another climb
and there it was--
the goal of this trip
(but really it wasn't the only goal)
Thank you Lord for leading me besides the still
and not so still waters.
Thank you Father for safely guiding me through the forest and then back to my hubby.
Thank you God for helping me overcome my fears.


Photographed early June of 2012, northern Oregon coast.


Grayseasailor said...

So beautiful, and faithful, Aimee.
Did you hike in the Portland area?
Joy to you and yours,
Gracie <3

aimee said...

Good Monday morn to you! Hope you had a blessed weekend:)
Yes, God is faithful; I wish I would trust Him more instead of letting fear stop me--of course one must be cautious too and I was.
This was a GORGEOUS area, located not in Portland, but on the north Oregon coast. Some nice late spring wildflowers too. If you want further info then just let me know.

Carol............. said...

Summer in the Pacific NW is beautiful..........including the rainy days! LOL

aimee said...

That it is...can we please fast forward to more summerlike weather? :)
Have a great day; thanks for all the ideas on your blog.

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