09 June 2012

Decisions, decisions...

My hubby is asleep on our family room sofa,
one load of laundry is hung outside on drying racks under what I hope continues to be dry skies.
several days of dishes are washed, dried and put away,
a John Wayne movie in on TV,
our three pups are stretched out on the carpet
and I am trying to decide what to do next.
 Part of me wishes we had gone to the coast today
(lately I have felt drawn more and more to that gorgeous place of serenity),
part of me wants to make crepes
(these from Cathy at Wives with Knives),
part of me is eager to get started on jam making
(this recipe featured on Grace's One Saylor's Log),
and then there is the part of me who is faced with the fun task of deciding where these 
newly arrived gifts, from one of our friends, should go...
 Yes, just when I had figured out what it was that some of our gardens were missing...
these blessings arrive at our home.
They won't work in our younger son's PNW/Japanese style garden,
but we have several other possibilities... 
there is my dear daughter's miniature rose garden that badly needs something amidst the lavender, mini roses and Lady's Mantle.
Hum, which one for such a special blessing
as the Daughter of my Heart?
And then there is my mom's memorial garden...
it already has a bird bath, but needs something more I think.
Should this cherub go there?
Among the dogwood, kinnikinnick, salal, columbine, roses, bleeding heart and ferns?
Of course the wildflower/perennial garden needs some artwork too...
something to place near the salad burnet, poppies, columbine, snapdragons,
 yarrow and more.
Plus I need to decide if I should paint the wood frames
(they are raised beds)
white or another pastel color,
or just leave them as they are.
Any suggestions?

Hoping your weekend finds you making such pleasant decisions.

Photos 1-2
Miniature rose garden
Photos 3-6
A few examples of our newly arrived garden art.
There is also a little wood planter that looks kind of like a rocking chair
and a little garden girl.
Photos 7-8
Wildflower/perennial garden
(still in process)


Grayseasailor said...

Beautiful flowers, Aimee! Thanks for sharing your photos. The garden art pieces you have are lovely and I especially like your stained glass hummingbird. [I was so excited this evening when I walked by the window in my room where I have a window box of red geraniums perched on the outside ledge and a hummingbird flitted by to investigate!]
While whatever you choose will look fine, I am partial to natural wood color for flower bed boxes because I think they fade in the background and let your eyes focus on the colors of the plants and flowers.
Thanks for linking to my post! I am interested to hear how your jam turns out if you experiment with the recipe!
Joy to you and yours,
Gracie <3

aimee said...

You saw a hummingbird today? Oh how wonderful--I love hummingbirds and am always excited when we see some!
TY for your comment on the stained glass hummingbird. I like that very much too. It even came with one of those long, black metal shepherd's hooks to hang it on:)
I appreciate your comment about leaving the wildflower garden frames natural--I hadn't thought about it, but it is the flowers I want to stand out and not the wood (this is one of the reasons blogging is so fun--networking and helpful input).
You are most welcome for the link-I still haven't made your yummy jam yet because I ended up not feeling well and sleeping (feeling much better this evening).
Enjoy your little one!

aimee said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the flowers-I am very partial to mini roses (I have some that are one of a kind), columbine as they were a fav of my mom...

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