04 June 2012

The Sea

Although I am a mountain girl,
there is nothing like the sea.
 The lighthouses you find there...
 The walks with DDD along the sea
(until she begs Papa to pick her up)
 The beautiful surf and the sea that seem to go on forever...
The land that juts into the sea...
 Sitting on the warm sand and watching the world go by...
Yes, I LOVE the ocean, the coast, the beach--
do you?

A couple complimented us on how well trained our dog was!
 It was hard for us to believe, but the dog that is so hormonal and naughty at home
was a perfect puppy angel at the beach:)
But we know the truth, don't we DDD? 

The Oregon coast...a spur of the moment trip decision.


Grayseasailor said...

Aimee, for the seven years we were blessed to live on the coast in northern CA I would frequently drive and park along the beach road and thank God for allowing us to live there.
When we lived in the Rocky Mountains for two years I would frequently thank God for letting us live there.
But my favorite place is the ocean. Thanks for inviting me along to the beach with you with your perfectly behaved pup:)
I am glad you had a good time.
I did too.
Joy to you!
Gracie <3

aimee said...

I have been to both of the locales you mentioned and they are both beautiful! God indeed is the greatest artist!
I am SO glad you enjoyed our little trip to the beach; I can truly understand why people love it so much--it was my mom's fav place too:)
Thanks for your comment.

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