08 June 2012

Friday Flowers + Fruit

Hello Friday!
Oh yes, it's already a new day and
Aimee should have been in bed by this time,
but of course, she isn't.
Nope! She is up and, as usual, playing with photos,
wishing my favorite genealogy (family history) site had the Washington state 1940 census index searchable and mailing my DDIL (dear daughter-in-law) a photo that I know will make her smile!
But, since I really should be in bed...
this will have to be a quick post.
Actually it may be even quicker than I planned because my broadband is
having reception problems again:(
Here are some flowers and fruit photos for your Friday...
 Dianthus--gorgeous, I LOVE pink dianthus.
LOVE these flowers...
 One of our newest wildflower/perennial floral residents...
an Icelandic poppy.
Well suited for life at Aimee's place since everyone knows I LOVE things that remind me of Scandinavia--even if I have no idea where these poppies really originated from
(although that makes me eager to research their origin).
BTW, I should let you know that today was quite windy so the photos are...
well you can see.
Oh and I should disclose that as the hour is early...
there may be grammatical errors because Aimee is, finally, getting tired.
 Some of our culinary lavender.
This is a white variety and it is starting to form those fragrant, lovely, edible-yummy flowers.
Just a mention here---it will soon be July and for those in the PNW that love lavender,
there will be festivals in both Washington and Oregon.
Believe me it is such a blessing to walk in fields of fragrant purple lavender,
cutting and gathering bundles of it to take home.
(I am planning on visiting a lavender farm this year,
even though we have plenty of lavender here on our land.
Love those places!)
Another new addition to our wildflower/perennial beds.
I'm proud to introduce you to another poppy--
specifically a Beauty of Livermere poppy.
Believe me, this photo does not do this plant justice!
Our beautiful Little Princess spirae.
I LOVE this plant...
I am sure you know why. 
And to end this post...
our gooseberries.
Gooseberry tarts, gooseberries raw, gooseberries anything:)
Soon, Aimee, soon.

(Extra blogging points for those who know where this saying comes from...
no fair peeking at the link unless you have tried to guess first).
But really, how does your garden grow?
Are you growing veggies this year? Tomatoes? Swiss chard?
Herbs? Basil? Chives?
Flowers? Roses? Wildflowers? Petunias?
 (it is Rose Festival time in Portland right now)
Planning any changes to your garden this year?

OK--time for bed.


Grayseasailor said...

Little Miss Mary, quite contrary,
"How does your garden grow?"

We have planted tomatoes, chives, basil, geraniums, chives, lobelia, and creeping thyme so far...and wave petunias...and they are all thriving.

Now Aimee thanks for posting the beautiful flower photos; but at 3:12AM! Tut tut...hope you were able to sleep in :)
Gracie <3

aimee said...

Hi, Grace!
Very good!I love all that you have planted---the climate here is pretty exceptional, even though we are getting our share of unusual weather.
Your comment makes me think I shall pick up tomatoes and basil to plant this weekend; I hear a rumour that we are to have sunshine and drier weather soon so I think it's time:)
Glad you enjoyed the pictures; I ended up staying up almost all night...but got enough sleep today (hopefully not so much that I can't sleep tonight).
Have a blessed weekend. Thanks for visiting.
PS: Oh my DH brought home more berries and so I am hoping to make a little of your jam this weekend.

aimee said...

I forgot to ask...do you prefer to be called Grace or Gracie? Aimee

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