08 June 2012

Fun Without the Sun

I have waited for this moment with bated breath...
and, at last, the time is here. And all I can say is...
fun, fun, fun! Oh and thank you Helen:)

But fun or not,  I still should be in bed.

Blessings, Aimee

Collage photos:
Yes, ferns really do grow through the tiny spaces between our deck.
Yes, son, our blueberries in 'your' garden are getting closer to THAT time:)
Oh, beautiful Iceland poppy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
Yes, it is Rose Festival time again. Here is one of my favorite miniature roses...the Magic Carousel. LOVE this one; love all my miniatures.
Deck shadows...deck shadows from another new plant-a lupine. I wonder if it would look nice to paint/stain some plant shadows on my deck. What do you think? Maybe more subtle than these?
Our first, just about ripe strawberry. I wonder how long it will be till my Alpine's are ripe...oh, oh--they may already be. I forgot they are the white kind (mental note to check Alpine strawberries tomorrow).

Collage made at: http://www.picmonkey.com/

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