27 August 2014

Utah: Blessings at Willard Bay

The Pacific NW has lots of bays.
Tillamook, Nestucca, Nehalem and so on.
But surprisingly Utah has a bay too...
 It was a hot day.
It was a REALLY hot day!
It was a really HOT day which made it a really GREAT day to visit the bay--
Willard Bay, Utah that is:)
Willard Bay used to be part of the Great Salt Lake...
but it was permanently separated from that lake in the mid 1960s
and is now a freshwater reservoir.

When we got there,
pale skinned, burns in a minute, Celtic Aimee sat under the nice pavilion
and attempted to stay cool.
She entertained herself watching four of her grandkids and
two of her grown up kids
play in the water... 
She also enjoyed talking with family and extended family
when they weren't playing in the bay--

Aimee enjoyed watching the gulls on the beach too.
You didn't know Utah has gulls?
Well, Aimee didn't either till they came to watch one of her grandson's
soccer games a long, long time ago!

Aimee LOVES gulls AND bays wherever she finds them!
(She loves watching her grandkids play soccer too)

Aimee mostly enjoyed just looking at all the beautiful scenery...
this is one of the views she particularly liked!
I bet another thing you may not know is that there is a wildlife refuge not far from here.
I didn't till I was doing some research.
Aimee really wanted to go there, because --
as you probably already know --
Aimee loves wildlife,
but alas the refuge is filled with blood sucking mosquitoes at this time of the year--
and Aimee is no match for Utah's lovely sun AND blood sucking mosquitoes.
Hopefully next time!
Yep, we have blood sucking mosquitoes at home in the Pacific NW too--
and they all LOVE Aimee ;(
Another thing Aimee loves?
Catching birds in flight.
Yep, Aimee LOVES that!
And other things in flight too:)
Aimee also likes these shoes DD's sister was wearing!
She loves the pretty color
and she LOVES the fact that they remind her of the toe socks
she used to wear when she was younger...
Aimee might be is checking into getting some of these.
Another thing Aimee loves?
Oh you already know...
gorgeous mountains, lovely blue skies, a beautiful bay, entertaining birds, awesome shoes
and fabulous family!
Aimee was HOT but happy this day.
Aimee always is when she's with her kids and grandkids:)
Willard Bay Info
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
(maybe next time!)
The California Gull

Note to visitors:
Coming soon (if my Internet cooperates and as daily life allows) --
 I've been nominated followed closely by I can't believe I didn't do this:)
And some more trip photos...


Betsy said...

It even LOOKS hot Aimee! Those shoes. There are no words. They remind me of the toe socks that are so popular in Japan. I was so surprised when we moved to Spokane to see seagulls everywhere. We have so many huge lakes nearby I guess they think it's as good as the ocean. :-). It. Looks as if you had a wonderful time on your trip even with the sunshine. (I'm pretty pale too and have to watch my sun exposure.)

aimee said...

It definitely was hot. Good thing I was slightly acclimated to hot temps because of all the 90+ days we've had this summer. I actually think I may have a pair of toe socks somewhere around here from when they were a fad in the USA. I didn't know they are popular in Japan too. Isn't that strange about the gulls? One wouldn't expect them inland, but like you say they probably think it's as good as the ocean!
Give little Piper a hug for me and enjoy your time with her!

Bethany Carson said...

The first shots show a place that definitely looks like a great location to relax on a hot summer day! Great photo of the bird in flight!

Gracie Saylor said...

Stunning photos, and fun narrative, Aimee. I especially love the seagull photos as I am fond of seagulls, too. And those shoes...they make me smile:) I saw a young Asian man wearing a pair of black toe/shoe/socks at church the other day and they made me smile, too! xx

aimee said...

Thanks! Most assuredly a good place on a hot day--I was incredibly thankful for the pavillion that provided a bit of shade :)

Thank you! I have actually heard that some people don't like seagulls; I am definitely NOT one of them--LOL.
You might see a photo of me in a pair of those toe shoes soon:)

Deyanira Cavazos said...

Wow the bay looks so beautiful and peaceful. The "hot" part made it sound like you were down here in the valley lol. Great pictures!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Another thing Aimee does is take amazing pictures! Lovely place -- we've traveled quite a bit in Utah, but I didn't know about this bay.

You and your pale skin would do well here in Alaska. I've never seen so many very pale people (even in Oregon in the winter).... summer is short here and the sun isn't very intense. Unless you were fortunate enough to be born with a tan, it would be very difficult to acquire one if you lived here. But oh no are there ever mosquitos. But as you say they are pretty much everywhere.

Lorrie said...

I remember being surprised at seeing gulls on the Canadian prairies when I was younger. But they are there, too.

Spending time with family in such a beautiful place makes for a special day, even if it's hot.

aimee said...

@Deyanira (Deya)~
Thanks! It was pretty and peaceful (or not) depending on which way you were looking--it is a well used recreational area:) I would love to see it in early morning or around sunset! That would be great!
LOL--I am such a lightweight when it comes to summer heat! Hope you are staying cool when you aren't outdoors!

Thank you Sallie--that is such a sweet thing to say:) It truly blesses me to share pics of God's creation with others. I've been to Utah a handful of times before but, like Colorado, there's still a lot of places I haven't seen yet that are on my wish list.
I would love to see Alaska someday! The scenery is so incredible and the history so amazing! LOL. Yep, I definitely don't do well in the sun--although suprisingly the sunburn I got at Bear Lake turned into a tan (shock!) Alaska mosquitoes are famous!!
Happy travels!

I didn't know that there were gulls on Canada's prairies too! I guess somehow they became associated with the sea in my mind as a child...I am quite HAPPY to learn that they can be found inland too!
It was a good day! Hopefully I won't have to wait another 7 years to visit my family there again!

Sam said...

Very nice photos - we like cool though.

aimee said...

Thanks! You and I both agree on that Sam:)

Willow said...

Haha I love seeing the things Aimee loves !
What a good time your having .
That last shot is just super duper.
I've been so slow getting to blog buddies lately was so fun to be here today Aimee.

aimee said...

I know we love many of the same things. Happy to know I blessed your day as you have blessed mine many, many times! Thanks! I love that photo too--the mountain is just SO pretty and rugged in that area and the sky SO very blue.
NO problem Willow! I've been trying to keep up too but have been falling behind between Internet probs (now OK) and the worst ever congested ears.
Have a great Sunday!

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