19 August 2014

Utah: Welcome!

As I have said,
way before we were ACTUALLY in Utah,
 I was convinced we were already there...
totally convinced!
But FINALLY we really were there and
 things looked MUCH more like I remembered:)
Near the exit to Hansel Valley...
My first thought?
Where's the exit for Gretel?
My second thought?
Hum, wonder what a Hansel valley looks like?
(If you are wondering the same thing, see the links below.
Yep I am one BIG Pandora --
always curious)
My thoughts?
Let's pass on THIS Pass! 
Still a very dry area here...
Old barn by the road.
Another summer favorite--
hay bales in the field.
I prefer the ones that are rolled to the square/rectangular/block ones.
Your preference?
My beloved mountains.
I'm BACK!!
The Beehive State...
It's been a LONG trip,
but we're finally here.
Time to spend time with family---
and my mountains:)
Next: No bear's seen while there, but lots of beautiful water.
Links for the curious among you:
Hansel Valley
and more history of the big earthquake there
Yes, I admit to looking for information on Rattlesnake Pass too:)


Bethany Carson said...

Enjoyed the photos! Your remark on Hansel (and Gretel) Valleys had me laughing! I think you made the right choice on skipping Rattlesnake Pass...sounds dangerous!

Deyanira Cavazos said...

The mountains look gorgeous :) Awesome pictures! Blessings and hope you have an awesome trip!

Linda W. said...

Glad to see you made it! I'm loving all your roadside photos.

Betsy said...

Rolled bales most definitely! :-). Being a Midwestern girl and having a Hubby who makes his living in the agriculture industry I'm very familiar with these things you see. Utah is such a beautiful state. Those mountains are very pretty indeed.

Gracie Saylor said...

So glad you enjoyed traveling as well, Aimee, and I am definitely with you on passing on Rattlesnake Pass! I prefer the rounded bales, too :) xx

ps. It was a delight for me to recently drive past the scene you share in your blog header. A young girl driving the other direction had stopped to take a photo, but alas I did not.

aimee said...

Thank you! LOL--the thought made me laugh:) For sure on Rattlesnake Pass--I HATE snakes! Fortunately we saw zero of them during the trip.

Welcome to AOTM! I am happy that you are enjoying the photos! Utah does have amazing mountains! I've seen them in three different seasons of the year and they always take my breath away! TY so much for the blessings--it was a wonderful trip and we are now back home safe and sound in the Pacific NW:)

It was a welcome sight! That is one very, very long trip-but well worth it:) Glad you are enjoying the photos Linda! My DD has agreed to let me borrow some of her hiking photos so you can see some of those:)

YEA!!! IMHO rolled bales are gorgeous--they always catch my eye (well actually both kinds do, but I like the rolled ones the most)! That is so neat about your hubby being in the Ag business! Yep--I agree, Utah certainly and its mountains certain are beautiful:)

Thanks! It was a great trip--though long:) Hahaha--yep, I think I'll always pass that Pass! YEA--another round hay bale fan! I am THRILLED that you got to see the western scene in person! It is -- I think -- easier to stop for a photo when you're traveling westward towards Sisters. You just have to get a break in the traffic.

Teresa Kasner said...

Are you at your destination? America is so varied in scenery! Regarding the solar panel we used - we got a single panel that is light enough to move around as the sun moves, it's a 158 watt panel and in sun generates 8 amps of charge.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lorrie said...

Beautiful in an austere way. I'd pass on Rattlesnake Pass, too. So happy you've arrived.

aimee said...

I wish. No, we've been (sad sigh) home for awhile now. I didn't have enough time in Utah to do any posts, as I was there partly to take pics of a family celebration at my DD's request, and wanted to get them all edited and posted to family webpages before I left. And, of course, we were also visiting, sightseeing, eating yummy food and such while we were there--LOL
When I got home, and was starting to post about our trip, I decided it would be fun to write all the posts as if they were being written in the present time rather than in the past. I felt that by doing it this way anyone reading the posts might feel a bit as if they were in the car with us living each step of the journey right as it happened (and besides doing it this way helps me feel as if I am reliving the trip and makes me feel REALLY happy!) Hope that makes sense...
You are SO right about America's scenery---totally amazes me everytime. THANK YOU so very much for the info on your RV solar panel!!! When we got our RV, I read about a guy who installed some on an RV pretty similar to ours and it got me thinking of how nice it would be to be able to camp off the grid.

aimee said...

Northern Utah, along the main interstate, is definitely that way for awhile after you cross the border. My favorite parts are coming up though--a couple of canyons through those mountains, a lake, bay, etc.
Speaking of rattlesnakes, I just learned something new about them today that greatly suprised me and made me a bit uneasy! I will share that soon--but I promise not to post any pics of snakes:)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Very pretty scenery! Have a great time visiting with family :)

aimee said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos! We are back home now but had a wonderful time visiting family there:)
Blessings to you and your entire family!!!

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