15 August 2014

Lime: It Isn't Just A Fruit

Past Baker City and those wonderful Blue Mountains you enter a very different world.
After awhile you pass by this...
A long time ago my memory is that there was a pipe or something that ran above the highway,
but it isn't there anymore.
This place fascinates me...
it just begs me to come and explore it.
But there are many reasons I won't give in to its 'siren' call...
My reluctance has something (OK a lot) to do with rattlesnakes,
possible loose asbestos (ick) and other dangers in the area.
Nevertheless, I DO like taking photos of this former cement plant in Lime
from the safety of my car:)
Another reason I LOVE zoom lenses!
Question of the day:
What is the purpose of these 'fences'?
We saw them all over on our trip...
I only ask because it has been the topic of discussion in our family for about a week now
(and I want to be right about my guess--LOL)
The Snake River...
Rather stark, but interesting landscape prior to making the descent into Ontario and then Idaho.
This looks interesting also.
Wonder where this side road goes to?
So much I want to know...
so many tasks that keep me from researching the answers to the
 hundreds of questions I keep adding to on a daily basis:)
By the way, at some times of the year this area is desolate but green.
I know, I've seen it that way.
It is quite beautiful then and somewhere, some place I probably have the photos to prove it.
Farewell beloved Oregon...
hello Idaho!
Moving closer with each mile to my beloved Utah mountains, canyons and ASPEN trees!
Next: Idaho--It's more than just potatoes:)
(amazing post with photos on the abandoned cement plant and area)


Bethany Carson said...

Beautiful photos of the Snake River, and the abandoned concrete plant looks neat! I used to live in Oregon (St. Johns in Portland), so your posts/photos bring back memories!

Sam said...

Wow, I really like this road trip with you. About that side road...maybe, just maybe you ought to go down one sometime. Could be the best part of the trip. I think that side roads, in life too, bring new and interesting and perhaps, unexpected things....

aimee said...

Thank you! The Snake River is quite an interesting river. I have been fascinated by the plant for quite awhile now. I was really happy to find the website I linked to. I am happy to bring back memories for you--I was just thinking, before this last trip, that I should go up to the St. Johns district and get some photos of the bridge, Kelley Point and the wetlands up there! Small world:)

aimee said...

Thank you. Glad to have you along Sam! You are right about side roads--some of my fav roads are not well traveled at all. I like your philosophy--you're one wise dog:)

Betsy said...

Those are snow fences! You see them all across S. Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and other wide open space states. I love your curiosity and love of life and learning. I'm very much enjoying traveling along with you.

aimee said...

YEA + THANK YOU!! That is what I had always thought...I am still working on convincing my son that they are though! LOL
I feel SO happy and blessed to be able to share my trip with you and others--it was QUITE an adventure (and you know how much I LOVE adventures)!

Linda W. said...

I'm enjoying your trip - and reliving my journey across Oregon from last May. And by the way, those funny fences are snow fences. They keep the snow from drifting across the road. I grew up in S. Dakota, so I'm very used to seeing them.

aimee said...

Glad to hear that! In May (we have been through the same area at that time), it is a lot greener! But at all times of the year, it is beautiful. I thought so (snow fences) but I am still working to convince my son:) He is just POSITIVE they have something to do with animals -- either that or he is teasing me. LOL--kids!

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