11 August 2014

Headed Southeast: Towards the Blue Mountains

We've left the Columbia River now
and have made a turn towards the southeast
and Pendleton
(famous for lovely woolen blankets
and the Pendleton Roundup that takes place each September)
This is a HUGE poplar tree farm on I 84.
Seems a lot bigger then when I passed it some 7 years ago...
it is definitely not something you would expect to see here.

Sorry about the blurry photo but I have a fondness for art wherever I see it
 and this was the only shot I could get.
Besides I adore horses--even metal ones:)

The Blues straight ahead...but to reach the top you have to ascend the HILL--
Cabbage Hill that is.
Believe me when I say driving up or down this hill is a very memorable experience :)
Up we go--
be prepared for hairpin turns and a 'lovely' 6% grade...
and did I say some great views of the valley below?

Upward and onward...
I would not want to be driving a semi up this hill.
To be quite honest, I would not want to drive anything up this hill---
fortunately I wasn't driving and my wonderful son kindly stayed in the 'innermost' lane.
Did I mention I had already had one anxiety attack on this trip so far?
Fortunately the trip up was not a problem and I was OK.

And up some more...
aren't you glad you're NOT a pioneer in a wagon?

See? I told you there were some great views
(despite the haziness)
Next: The beautiful Blue Mountains and beyond.

One should never write posts at 0300 so please excuse any grammatical errors.
I think I am ready for bed now.
ODOT info on Cabbage Hill
(I will be posting photos of the descent on our return trip soon.)



Linda W. said...

Yeah, Cabbage Hill is always an exciting drive up. I drove up this in May when I was taking my son to Boise. I always love the artwork on the highway overpass fences - I must've missed the horses! I love the one with the fish at the Dalles.

Betsy said...

Have I ever told you that I worked for Pendleton Woolen Mills for several years? Both of my parents retired from there and my siblings and myself all put in our stints too when we were younger. I've only driven that looonnnng, lonnnggg hill in the winter in a snowstorm and I was terrified. I've never been in a hurry to drive that road again and have avoided it so far. :-). That poplar grove has indeed grown over the last few years. About a year ago they harvested a large amount of trees but almost immediately replanted. I'm sure enjoying traveling with you Aimee.

aimee said...

Definitely exciting:) I love the art on them too -- and I think I have seen the fish one before!

No, you didn't. That is very neat--the blankets they make are SO beautiful! Yes, it is definitely a long hill. My daughter and her hubby did it during a snowstorm/blizzard too if I recall. It was horrific. In better weather it isn't too bad if you know what to expect and prepare for it:) I didn't know that about the poplar trees, but it makes sense from what I could find out about the tree farm. It sure is a refreshing bit of green after the long stretch of browns...
Happy to hear you are enjoying my trip--more to come!

aimee said...

@Linda again...
Yep I have a photo of the fish artwork one -- I will post it on the return trip posts. It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pix of familiar territory. We were born and raised in Eastern Wasington and spent the early years of or marriage and family there. Made many trips up the Columbia Gorge after we moved to OR as our parents still resided in Clarkston.

aimee said...

Thanks!Glad you liked them. I didn't realize you were a native Washingtonian! I am most familiar with western and central WA (went to college in Seattle), but have been in eastern WA before. I have loved Washington for a long, long time:)

Sam said...

Oh wow Aimee. Those are great photos along with a good travelogue. Thanks for taking us along. Ah Aimee,how far to the next rest stop???!!!!!!

Becky L. said...

Nice photos of trip. I've not gone past The Dalles on I84,yet. Thanks for the warning! I always imagine what would be like coming over that area in a covered wagon. Thx for sharing your trip! Have a blessed week!

aimee said...

Thanks and you're most welcome! Oh oh. No place to stop and take a break till the top Sam unless you're a LOT braver than I. Hang on, the next rest area is not far away and it's in the beautiful Blues--I think you'll like it:)

TY! Cabbage Hill is OK and very pretty -- on a clear day especially! If you're somewhat scared of heights, as I am, stay in the inner lane and don't travel it during storms--especially snowstorms.
Parts of the Gorge make me much more nervous then Cabbage Hill, but we handle them the same way--by staying as far from the drop off/river as possible whenever we can do so safely. I still can take photos from that side of the road and it's a little easier on me and whoever is driving:)LOL
Yep, I can't even imagine doing this trip on foot, horseback or in a covered wagon--and I LOVE horses!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm loving these memories. We used to take this route sometimes when we traveled from Oregon to Clarkston (I did tell you that we grew up in Clarkston didn't I?). Usually, we kept on up the Columbia River to Walla Walla and on in to the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, but sometimes (when we were visiting our folks) we'd take a slightly longer route and go through Pendleton, visit Joseph, Wallowa etc. It's all beautiful.

Thanks for sharing the trip.

aimee said...

I agree--beautiful regions of the PNW!
Thanks and you're most welcome! I am enjoying all the memories visitors are sharing with me too! Speaking of memories, have you ever heard of the small town of Lenore near Lewiston, ID? I sort of made history there one year:)LOL

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