30 December 2010

A Look Back at 2010: Winter Garden

A few garden scenes from 2010 (none from this December--yet)
Pieris in snow--
I am feeling very snow deprived right now so these will help me feel better :)
Magnolia bud-in our Japanese style garden.
Love the pink!

I call this mushroom babies--
for several reasons...
they seem to multiply each year
and I see faces on them
(do you?)

Plum blossoms-
I love these!
Each year I look forward to seeing the white and pink blossoms of our fruit trees.
I so believe in edible gardening!

The upper pond.
I love the seasons as reflected in the waters of our ponds.
The bare tree branches in winter,
the blossoms of spring,
the irises and daylilies of summer
and the brightly colored leaves of autumn.

And last, but not least--
more snow of course!
This time on one of our leftover apples.
May 2011 be a year of peace, joy and hope for you.

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