30 December 2010

A Look Back at 2010: PNW Winter

2010 was a hard year for me, and yet, even as hard as it was,
there were definite moments of sunshine,
some of which can't be seen for they are in my heart only.
Here are some photos of those moments which can be shared:)
Winter 2010:
A very odd weather year.
Here are some photos of our winter...first on the road
Looking towards the Coast Range

Another mountain view
Wetland area---love wetlands and we have a lot of them!
This year I am very anxious to try out my new camera in some of our NW wetland areas:)
River view from above
PNW forest--notice the moss and ferns.
We have lots of both...and mushrooms (you'll see soon)
A flowering tree we passed.
A lot of plants were really thrown off by our spring in winter followed by our
winter in spring weather--
this was in the yard of a farm we passed one day.
Yea, I know I said sunshine..
but above the clouds I'm sure there is sunshine,
and besides, at times in the PNW, we measure a sunny day by the minute:)
Next: winter 2010 garden

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