31 December 2010

A Look Back at 2010: Springtime Gardens

Our spring garden, as usual, had a lot of color everywhere (despite the odd weather)
and a few surprises too -- as there always is:)
Chives--bud stage.

A brunnera--
perfect plant for a woodland or partially shaded garden because of the flowers
and dramatic leaves.

Fruit tree blossoms after a shower.
We had many spring showers...

Bleeding heart--alba.
The first of our two types to bloom.
I love, love, love white in the garden--
especially in shady areas.

Every year, it seems, I add more of these--
some of mine are very frilly
but I like this simpler type the best.

Russian red kale.
Please don't ask me how my veggie garden did this year...
please don't ask any PNW gardeners and farmers about the
2010 growing season that wasn't:(
Our wildflower garden after many 2010 additions--this next year should be even better!
It seemed like we had more birds this year too--I think they liked the new garden a lot:)

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