30 December 2010

A Look Back at 2010: Springtime in the PNW

Out and about in the springtime--
these are photos of Ft Vancouver located on the Columbia River--
a beautiful area with a recreated fort, gardens, historical houses and old barracks, an air museum and more!
Did I mention they have wildlife there too?
Love roses just like my grandmother and mom did.
I would love to make an area like this in my garden.
All gardens need areas to reflect, to read and to drink in the work of God's hands,
don't you think?

I have a thing about historical homes. Maybe it is because I am a descendant of people who crossed the Oregon Trail, maybe it is from all the time in Port Townsend, Jacksonville, Astoria, etc--but I LOVE historical homes.
I especially love the towers of historical homes-
I'm sure that is from all the stories I've read and movies I've seen about princesses in towers--
well maybe.

Beautiful flowers -- in the historical Fort Vancouver gardens.

A view towards the Columbia River and Oregon hills--
from near the gazebo/parade ground I think.

A garden of herbs--old Fort Vancouver area.
This is right outside the recreated fort.

And because I like them,
and because I started with a photo of one of them,
I shall end with one.
This one we found on a drive in the mountains--
unfortunately this is
the last photo ever taken of him--
someone that came after us did not see him :( :(
But at least he will be remembered here
in my heart.
On that not so happy note I will say...
Next: 2010 springtime garden

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