26 February 2010


How often little decisions we make every day affect our peace & well being.
We choose to use our limited energy, resources and time on things that don't satisfy the deepest longings of our soul; on things that are self-serving and may even contribute to negative emotions and habits. Things that are not evil on the surface but also are not the best choices for us to make at that time. Things that are not good stewardship of the gifts and blessings we have been given.
I'm thinking, would we choose to do these things, that are comparatively worthless in terms of eternity (or even a peaceful and satisfying life now), if we knew our time here was short? If we knew that we only had a few years-months-days to live?
Or if we knew a friend, a neighbor or a family member did?
Would we choose to use our moments differently if we were privy to that kind of knowledge?
Or would we instead spend the time left to us in prayer and reflection; taking care of family, reaching out to help the hurting, doing necessary chores, visiting with beloved friends. leaving a legacy of love?
I know that, when offered all the distractions this modern world offers, I often choose poorly-- thinking that 'tomorrow is another day'--that there will always be more time.
And these foolish choices on how I use my time add up to a lot of wasted time with little to show for it.
It's a true statement that time is a gift not given in unlimited quantities
it seems like the older I get, the more I am aware of that fact.
Today, although I got up way too late (insert frowning face here!), I chose to turn off the things of the world -- the political bantering, the endless news shows, the empty entertainment -- and listen instead to music and messages that touched my soul. Music (prayer songs) that spoke to me of God's love and of His unending forgiveness to His children. And music that called me to a better way--a way of love, humility, grace and peace.
Tonight those thoughts are still with me--despite the fact that my hubby has the TV on, the beautiful words I heard this afternoon keep replaying in my mind and spirit tonight; and they are still refreshing my innermost being and bringing me peace--something the thing I chose to turn off could never do.
May you find blessings & peace in your day,

Photos & notes: spring continues with more blossoms. Daily I see changes, increased signs of the garden having left winter well behind.

Bleeding heart (the first of two to have blossoms; I LOVE this plant!), plum blossoms (ditto on the LOVE statement!), raindrop 'diamonds' on columbine leaves, heather (I think or is it heath?? Not in my garden but seen in another garden this week), forsythia on forsythia (color my world sunny yellow!)

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