30 June 2012

What Is It?

Here it is...
here is my mystery
I need to solve it,
because it's driving me crazy not knowing.
Now if I had been a good photographer,
I would have shot this with a zoom lens...
but I didn't.
Still I have to know---
so here are the clues to this mystery.

The Mystery:
What is that formation in the background?

 the beach at Barview County Park, Garibaldi.
This is on the beach, located north of the northernmost jetty
looking north.

 Twin Rocks,
as seen from the south?
If so it doesn't look at all like it.
The Tillamook Head Lighthouse?
I would think we are way too south on the coast to see this former lighthouse, now columbarium...
aren't we?
My eyes want to make that top part into a lighthouse...
am I just wishful thinking?
Or is it something else?

Update: Mystery solved....I know what it is now, do you?
I first found the answer here:
(the author describing what he saw at the Barview County Park beach looking north)
And you can see a very nice closeup of what is on that rock here:
(you will think you are there with the sounds and sights of one of my fav places)
And the answer is:
Twin Rocks
(a view from a beach north of the rocks).
Isn't is amazing how a different perspective changes everything?
I would have said it was a lighthouse too:)


by Teresa said...

I have no idea.. you'll have to clue us in! Pretty, though! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Hey! I do not know, Aimee! Please take pity and enlighten me :)
Gracie <3

aimee said...

Teresa + Gracie~
Not even a itty bitty guess?? LOL. OK, if you have no idea by Monday I will let you in on the mystery:)
Until then...

Sallyo said...

I' thinking lighthouse.

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